Man in Custody After Bomb Threat at Trump Property

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, taken on January 6, 2017. via Steve Jurvetson Wikimedia Commons

A man is in custody after issuing a bomb threat to the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas.

According to News3LV:

Authorities have a man in custody after he claimed to have a bomb inside the Trump International Hotel near the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they got a report about the item around 1:10 p.m. at a property near the 2000 block of Fashion Show Drive.

Capt. Dori Koren with LVMPD said a man entered the hotel with a large suitcase and duffel bag and yelled there was a bomb in the building.

The man left in a taxi, and the hotel got two more bomb threats over the phone about 15 minutes later, Koren told reporters.

A portion of the hotel was evacuated in response.

    1. The Left keeps getting away with this crap because the Right doesn’t have big enough clangors to go after them! This has always been an issue for the GOP — refusing to stand up for itself and ignoring the Left’s activities that punch it in the face! I don’t think the Right are cowards, but I do not understand their thinking at all.

      Until the Right can drum up the Courage and fortitude to stand up against the clueless and irresponsible Left, this crap will keep happening! I don’t know what has happened to the Right, but they are more like mice than men…so sad.

  1. Compare globalist puppet $oro$ checking account and his libby snow flake sheep savings account, some demonrat criminal judge appointed by $oro$ will release the libby snow flake sheep without bail .

  2. The “officials” STILL haven’t said why the guy with the Muslim girlfriend shot all the people at the country music concert in LV a few years ago. It would be nice to know what happened there, wouldn’t it?

  3. I have absolutely no idea who’s going to stand up to the crazy commies on the left?????
    But it’s wayyyy past time that someone or something deals with these bullies!!!!
    Sean Hannity’s anger is palpable, I’m soooooo there with him. I cannot express the level of anger that I feel. I appreciate that some Republicans are stepping up to the plate. Being that their hands are mostly tied without control of either house and Senate. However, at the end of the day, we’re gonna be on our own.

    1. Hard to stay on topic, Susanna, when there are so many things the Democrats are doing to destroy our country and freedom that cause frustration and fear. Hard to just focus on one of them sometimes. 🙂

  4. They should take the bomb and shove it up up the keeester of the bomber…but oh NO, that would be cruel and unusual punishment! Why are they not satisfied? At least there are no more mean tweets!

  5. The Left has major issues which are surfacing now big time, but have always shown in their actions.
    (1). They wear their emotions on their sleeves,
    (2). They NEVER research the issues but “react” not “act”.
    (3). They basically are not brilliant intelligent people, but their arrogance/hubris overshadows their IQ deficit.
    (4). No present democrat should ever be put in our presidency because they only think of themselves, not anyone else, i.e. Afghanistan debacle of many American Military deaths, along with deaths of Afghani allies.
    There still are Americans trapped in Afghanistan along with Afghani support personnel! All Biden did when the dead Military personnel were being bought down from their transport was to keep checking his watch showing disrespect to our dead Military and their families! What a snake!🐍

    The present democrat party is very arrogant but extremely stupid when it comes to compassion for others. Biden has shown the American people he knows nothing about being a U.S. President nor does he care what happens to the U.S. people!
    Americans need not ever elect another democrat to our presidency because biddyboy Biden has showed us exactly what a democrat would do in this position. NOTHING GOOD FOR AMERICA NOR HER PEOPLE!

    Joe Biden MUST STEP DOWN FROM OUR PRESIDENCY IMMEDIATELY ALONG WITH HARRIS, PELOSI AND THE REST OF HIS ADMINISTRATION! America can no longer allow these irresponsible individuals to be in our Federal Govt. They are a danger to our American people and to the World in general and their reign STOPS NOW!

    1. Micala you are right on, the shit has to stop now!!! God who is in heaven watching all of this play out is a God of Justice, Truth, &
      Righteousness. They will get their just reward, they simply will not get away with
      this evil. God is stepping into this with both
      feet firmly planted to mete out Justice. He
      delights in repentance and gives people the
      chance to repent but if they don’t, He will
      bring swift justice. You wait & see, the mouth of God has spoken it, it will surely
      come to pass. God is absolutely good in
      all His ways!!!!

      1. I surely believe in God and His plan, Kate, but am beginning to grow impatient I’m afraid. I only hope and pray they get their comeuppance while I’m still alive to see it! And yes, I know patience is a virtue, and yes, I pray for forgiveness for the feelings I have. 🙂

        1. You posted exactly everything that I’m 100% feeling. I know that we’re not alone. Many feel exactly the same.


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