Key Moments From the Senate’s Bombshell Afghanistan Hearing

Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks during an award ceremony for Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman as he is presented the Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award in the Old Senate Chamber for his actions in protecting lawmakers and others during the Jan. 6, 2021 attack in the Capitol building, Washington D.C., Feb. 25, 2021. Goodman, a former Army infantryman who served in Iraq, is credited with warning and directing members inside the Capitol building to safety. (DOD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Carlos M. Vazquez II)

Congress held its first major public hearing on Afghanistan today with General Mark A. Milley, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and General Kenneth F. McKenzie. The hearing was nothing but bad news for Biden but the American people were able to hear important details about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the current state of the military. 

Here are the takeaways: 

  1. Pretty amazing on Milley’s part. Can’t talk about private conversations with Biden, but can talk to everybody about conversations with Trump. This guy needs to go. He is a disgrace to the uniform.

    1. Pretty amazing that Trump hired Milley.
      Biden is the sitting President.
      Trump is unemployed.
      Milley has a job.
      Milley has the full support of the President.
      I remember when America was great.
      Milley had the full support of XpresidentRump.
      What happened?

      1. Biden is not the siting President…he is a puppet for Obama and George Soros, and only because Biden stole the election. Miley has to be one of the most disgusting Generals ever…an embarrassment to the Army! Miley won’t have his job for long, due to his withdrawal debuckle and the death of 13 military men and women. You know nothing about President Trump’s assessment of Miley…he wanted to see what kind of man Miley was, and now the whole world knows what a incompetent General he is! He sure proved himself with the mistakes he made in the Afganistan withdrawal and all of the thousands of Americans and Afganistans who should have gotten out, but were left behind. Trump will be back in the White House soon….did you see Trump’s rally….thousands showed up and millions love him and we want him back! Biden’s withdrawal failure will go down in History as the worst ever and will not be forgotten!!!!!

        1. Why did Trump hire Milley?
          I don’t want a president who hires people to find out what kind of people they are.
          I want a president who hires people because he knows what kind of people they are.
          Trump has hired so many people who have crossed him.
          More to follow.

  2. My God, the incompetence and dishonesty of the clowns in the article are breathtaking.
    Mark Milley (I refuse to call him General) and Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin are either complete idiots or they are flat-out LIARS (probably both). It scares me to think that people like this are making decisions of consequence. They are incompetent and they are LIARS.

    1. My God who was the incompetent clown who made Milley the most powerful solider in the world?
      It scares me to think that people like this are making decisions of consequence.

  3. The Democrat Crime Organization infects everything it touches with it’s rabid criminality and incompetence. But this lash up in Afghanistan seems almost intentional. Biden seems to be carrying on Obama’s coddling of Radical Islam. These Generals are not worthy of their ranks or uniforms. Maybe at one time they were good soldiers but now they are infected with the same political criminality as the Democrats who control them. Time for them to go into retirement, they have done enough damage to our national credibility. They turned their backs on the very people who assisted us in Afghanistan and left them to horrific torture and deaths. People we promised to protect. Who will trust us now??? Who would willingly ally with us now???

    1. America was looked at curiously after Korea. We lost trust after what we did to Sout Vietnam, and it took 9-1-1 to start regaining world trust. Now, Biden has completely betrayed that trust and his family “friendship” with China will have a desultory effect in the world. SAD

      1. Why did we invade Afganland?
        Afgans did not attack America.
        It was the Saudis and the Pakis.
        The Saudis had too much oil to invade?
        The Pakis had too many nukes?

  4. General Milley is very far out of line in his decision to inform Chinese officials! He is not only out of line, he betrayed his own people by giving these rights to the Chinese! One does have to wonder just what will be the decision of those in charge in terms of what they plan to do in regard to General Milley’s betrayal of his country!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Albert, you just can not stop with your BS! No one cares about your view on anything…you are just another evil liberal full of hate! Go bite yourself!

  5. Stable geniuses always win reelection, by a landslide.
    President of Nothing

    1. Take out President Trump and those you listed are all worshippers of Satan and communism. If you think they are stable geniuses you are just as sick as they were and are! They are not going to win…God wins and Satan loses!

  6. Our military has been compromised as well as the FBI and CIA…theres something seriously wrong when the marine lieutenant who criticized the top brass for their incompetence over Afghanistan is now in the brig awaiting trail on bogus charges while Milley who promised to tip off the Chinese in the event we attack them is walking around free…that son of a bitch should be removed from command…put on trail for treason and given the due punishment for it which is death by hanging.And the marine who spoke out in defense of our nation and concern for our security needs to be freed ….NOW!

  7. Has anyone heard of the Lt.Colonel Scheller being jailed(brig) for simply asking the question of what these Generals were thinking to remove the military from Afghanistan before removing our war materials and the Americans who were working thee? I do not think these generals should be allowed to resign, they need the brig.. Even the dims should see to this, IMO


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