Democrat Group ‘Posing’ as Republicans Attempting to Sway VA Governor’s Race

Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, United States, via Wikimedia Commons

A political committee connected to Democrat strategists is impersonating conservatives in an attempt to dissuade Republican voters from supporting GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

Virginia voters began getting targeted ads to their Facebook, Google, and Instagram accounts questioning Youngkin’s commitment to the Second Amendment.

Fox News reports:

“While the NRA backs Donald Trump, they REFUSED to endorse Glenn Youngkin. We can’t trust Glenn Youngkin on guns,” one of the ads says.

The ads come from a group called Accountability Virginia PAC, which on its website doesn’t give details about who’s behind the organization. But the group’s online donation page is accessed through ActBlue, the main Democratic fundraising platform; its bank account sits with Amalgamated Bank, a financial institution owned by labor unions and frequently used by pro-Democratic political groups; and consultants at a firm that works with Democrats helped incorporate Accountability Virginia, according to Axios.

According to public records, the group spent roughly $25,000 to run the ads, which have been viewed at least 1 million times. The ads appearing on Snapchat appear to be targeted to users in largely rural and heavily Republican parts of western Virginia.

Youngkin, a successful businessman and first time candidate, is facing off against former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in an election that’s seen as a key barometer ahead of next year’s midterm elections, when control of Congress will be up for grabs. The latest polls indicate McAuliffe holding a very slight advantage in the contest, with five weeks to go until the election.

Virginia – along with New Jersey – are the only two states holding gubernatorial races this year. Both races are indicators of how midterm elections could shake out as Republicans fight to win back the House.

  1. Conniving Demoshits will pull out everything possible to spread Communism. Inform your friends , relatives and everyone you know just how despicable these low life scum suckers really are.

  2. We had McAuliffe, here before, He is a LIAR and Thief, who is only out for Himself. He Hates the Police and will do anything to get rid of them. Just watch the ad, about the Police officer that was shot in Richmond, she is still having to fight to keep the Criminal in Jail, because of McAiliffe. He is the one that should be in Prison. We Don’t Want Him, Back in our Government.

  3. We can only hope that the people of this state sn open their eyes. And see what the sneaky crooked democrats are trying to do. Vote for Youngkin. For governor. Save second amendment rights. If not. You will be screwed an the democrats will take away your rights. As they are slowly trying to do now

    1. No Joe, you obviously are the stupid one! AND you are too illiterate to know how to use “to and too”! AND there is no “repukes” party….you disrespectful “puke”! 🖤🐗💩

  4. Typical DIMM lies and voter fraud! Anybody with an IQ over 70 ought to know that “Punk” McAuliffe, one of Hillary’s boyfriends, is 100% AGAINST guns so even if Youngkin wasn’t for guns, he’d be better than “Punk.”

  5. Maybe a conservative group posing as leftists should target mcaulife saying that he is pro life and secret supporter of trump. But given the fact that these socialists are so brain dead they wont care as long as there is a D next to any name. Case in point, we have a ham sandwich in the white house with a D next to his name. Cheating and lying is the only thing they have to secure power and sadly to many still believe their lies.


  7. I’ve never heard anyone who asserted that McAuliffe is a stand-up and honest person. To me, he seems to be little more than fast talking, slick, clever and self-serving. He seems to care little for Virginia and its many conservative citizens.

  8. Democrats are not for guns – they are against the Second Amendment! Youngkin will honor the Second Amendment – he says that. True Republicans, listen to other true Republicans – don’t be swayed by impersonators (something Democrats do to try to trick the people). Vote for Youngkin, Sears & Miyares.

  9. First,
    Believe NONE of what you hear and
    HALF of what you see.
    Second, if it’s a democrat is doing or saying something that may seem logical, you’ve most likely been drugged and are hallucinating…

    JOIN ME,

  10. These Democratics will do anything to get a vote,they sale their own kids for dime. They think their sneaky,old saying it takes a con -man to know a con- man.

  11. There is not one single Democrat anywhere who is honorable and truthful! They are all tainted with moral decay and corruption! 😳💥🤯

  12. Are the Libertarians in Virginia running candidates again? They’re clearly a Democrat trojan horse that successfully suckers enough voters into squandering their ballots, converting the Virginia Democrat’s losing 49% minority vote into a winning 49% plurality vote. Happens every time in that state.


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