Everything That You Need to Know About Our Potential Conflict With China

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China and the United States are at odds with one another once again, this time things may take a turn for the worse. Recently China has led a massive incursion into Taiwan and this may cause an all-out war if things are not settled quickly. 

Before we lose all hope, let’s do a quick rundown of China, its military, and our relationship with them. Is an all-out war possible? It is unclear. 

Here is everything you need to know about our conflict with China and the many factors at play in US-China relations: 

  1. The key factor in any military cnfrontation, assuming both sides have relatively even force levels, is the testosterone level of top leaders.

    I recommend we all start learningChinese.

    1. We all got to see Trump’s testosterone levels.
      He got beat to bloody pulp by a demented old hair sniffer.

      1. Albert, you sure Trump got beat? My daddy used to say, never underestimate the ability of the democrats to steal an election, and this election fits the pattern. Joe Stalin would be proud! (He’s the one who said ït doesn’t matter how many votes you got, what matters is who counts them!”)

        1. The loser lives in Jersey.
          My daddy used to say that only the weak get stolen from.
          Joe Stalin did not get stolen from.
          Never underestimate the weakness of republicans..
          There was rampant voter fraud in the 2016 election.
          Trump put no one in jail for it.
          He played golf and put up a sad little fence.
          And sniffed Stormy’s Stink Star.

    2. So Lawrence, are you saying the only key components to Biden going to war with China is testosterone? What about the ability to know the difference of Nuclear capability? Anyway, I got your point!

  2. We need to be on our guard,with China at all times. If we haven’t screwed up our surveillance systems we should be prepared for our and those we have under our wings defense. Hopefully we haven’t screwed up yet.
    Might not hurt to let our citizens ,and those that depend on us, to remind the world how brutal the Chinese can be,even to there own!

    1. THAT’S WHY we’re all carrying guns. Get this straight; the Second Amendment is exactly the tool for this era, and the same tool which the Socialist-Democrats are trying to wrench from our warm-live hands.

    2. Not As Long As These Nazi Democrats Are Getting Kick Backs And Our Military Is Nothing Any More Because Of These Nazi Terrorist Democrats Biden Had Our Military Men Shot And Our weapons Was Taking By Afghanistan , Now They Are Letting The Military Go Over A Covid Vaccine . My Husband Was Fully Vaccinated And Ware A Mask Going Out . He Still Got Covid . This Is Just Another Reason These Nazi Terrorist Democrats Are Keeping our military Down So If we Every Go To War We Would Have Lost The Battle .

  3. Everything I need to know? We’re gonna lose, period! We’ve been sold out by the communist democrats and Biden is flat out owned by China!

    1. I feel as though I’m living on an alternate universe. What with sleepy Joe at the helm
      I’m at a loss for words when I think that US greedy companies used China to manufacture
      all the crap that infests this country. All goods should be manufactured in this country. We are reaping the hell that greedy companies have wrought.

      1. Everything that is consumed in America must be made in America.
        We must import nothing.
        If it is not here we do not need it.
        Build the Wall all the way around America.
        Nothing comes in.
        Nothing goes out.
        Only then can we be free.
        Locked away by ourselves.
        Where those people can not besmirch our daughters.
        It is what Jesus would do had he not been nailed to couple of sticks of wood by those God Damn Jewballs.

        1. I’m not one of the mindless idiots that the Socialists and Globalists try to brainwash. This election was stollen not just by crooks in the political system, it was also stollen with the help of the CCP through Dominion systems, voter fraud, especially over the internet, and Tech companies Many sold their souls to the Devil, and the Devil wants the United States out of the way so he can continue to wreak havoc on the whole planet. Retrobate minds are on display, when people talk about further negotiating with the Taliban…thugs with a Sevententh Century mindset. Good people are always caught in the crosshairs of evil.

    2. China Has Been Buying Up The USA Farm Lands , Hunter Biden Sold Out The Larges USA Coal Mine To China . China Has A Very Very Strong Military . The Nazi Democrats Are Making Sure The USA Military Is Just About Gone .

  4. Without allies like Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. the USA would have to stand alone against China at great distances and be at a profound disadvantage including manpower. Ask yourself, what is our relationship with those countries under Biden?

    1. Japan prefers Biden over Trump.
      Japan knows about the use of nuclear weapons..
      There is relative calm on the Korean Peninsula.
      Biden just cut a deal to make Australia a nuclear super power.
      Indonesia is a Muslim country, it is where President Barrack Hussian Obama recieved his religious training.
      The Phillipenes is a Thugocracy with no military that is beholden to the Poop Pope Francis.
      Our relationship with those countries is better under Biden than Trump.
      Your stench of sour grapes is overpowering.
      It is the only power you have you loser.

  5. Please know this, our present administration is not taking care of America or the American people, they are undermining everything you worked hard for and strived for. I am sick of reading anything because I see how the left, the media, the rinos, and greedy corporations have destroyed our sovereignty and our institutions.

    1. Greedy corporations are the product unbridled Capitalism.
      We need more rules and regulations to bend them to the will of we the people.
      The Left, the Media, and the RINOs are sixty five percent of America.
      God Damn Democracy

      1. Dude were you born on American soil? Have you no pride in the country in which you live? Do you value the freedom to do what you want when you want. The freedom you depend upon to spread your hate with little to no repercussions? Has anyone in your family ever fought for this country or served in our military? If so, how do you sleep at night when you literally are shitting on everything I just mentioned? It is obvious you think that you are hilarious and that you don’t have anything better to do than troll news sites to try to get under someone’s skin. It’s quite pathetic that you put as much effort into this hobby of yours as you do. I am a firm believer in letting people live the way they want to and feel the way they want to, without fear of retribution from anyone. What I don’t believe is that dipshits like you need to exploit the freedoms you have in order to push your views onto everyone else. “To each his own” by proxy means keep it to yourself. It means if you don’t agree with a group of people on certain issues, just stay away from them. It does not mean go into the places they gather and spew your hatred for their views. You don’t see Christians going into Muslim Mosques telling every person that walks thru the door they don’t agree with Muslim teachings… Our founding fathers tried to design and implement an ideology based upon tolerance and acceptance. Yet, I see your name on almost every post that I read comments on, and every time it’s the same snide, uneducated, uninformed rhetoric. Don’t you have anything better to do? Seriously, you’re not even close to being even marginally entertaining. Go spread you’re bullshit somewhere else. Like I said, I don’t give a rat’s ass about how you live or what you think, so I certainly don’t want to hear your opinion on every damned comment I see. It’s getting old man, it’s getting so very old and played out. Find something more constructive to focus all that energy on!

        1. Money Is The Root To All Evil / Biden And The Democrats Party Are Getting Their Part For Destroying The USA OF AMERICA And The USA PEOPLE

    1. It is obvious that after all the recounts that Trump is a loser.
      We are now stuck with sleepy old demented Joe the hair sniffing pervert.
      Make no mistake about it, clit hair too.
      He is a real get right down on it clown.

  6. The dirty little yellow Chinkers wouldn’t dare pull this crap with Trump in office.
    Just look at what he did to their NK butt boy.

  7. I hope the Chinese do attack us just to show how weak Joe is.
    It will show just how strong Trump really is.

  8. Mark Zuckerberg is a God Damm Capatslist.
    Mark Zuckerberg is a God Damm Jewball.
    Mark Zuckerberg is the Commodore of The Deep State.

  9. Considering that there are several countries out there that want to take center stage as a super power, and would use missiles or other weapons of mass destruction on nations who don’t adhere to their commands, we can see how weak leadership from Biden has dramatically destroyed the United States abilities, thats what comes from a stollen election and I am sure many politicians and nations are going to see that when governments like the CCP,, Russia, and Iran, try to intimidate and rule.

  10. The Only Reason The Nazi Terrorist Democrats Are In Office Is Because They Lied And Stole This Election To Do Their Dirty Work Against The USA And The People Of America . If The People Of The USA Would Have Stuck Together They Could Have Been Taking Out Of Office . Biden And Harris Truly Lost The Election Yet People Still Let Them Destroy The USA And The People . Biden Has Been Getting Kick Backs From Other Terrorist Country’s His Own Son Hunter Biden Is Selling out The USA Coal Mines . China Has Been Buy Up The USA Farm Lands . This Is Not the USA Any More Nazi Terrorist Democrats Have Been Under Mine Ever Thing The USA Stands For . Biden Was Middle Class Now He Is Worth Millions Just Like Pelosi . Obama , Harris , Psaki , Harris And The Rest Of These Terrorist Nazi Democrats , Now The Military Will Soon Be Know More While The Other Country Are Building A Much Stronger Military . The USA Used To Have Respect And We Had A Strong Military At One Time . GOD HELP , The USA OF AMERICA AND THE USA PEOPLE .


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