WAX: Defund the FBI, Re-Fund the State/Local Police

Photo of FBI headquarters. Wikimedia Commons

If there was ever a time to quit treating politics like a game, it’s when the FBI comes after parents who dare to fight for the last hope for this country, their children. What happens next decides the fate of the American experiment in self-government. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is no joke, despite its recent and not-so-recent directors. This institution is immensely powerful, and patriots would be sensible to fear it. But good sense and virtue also demand a proper people’s rebellion against it.   

Earlier this month, US Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to coordinate with local law enforcement on strategies for responding to “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools.”

Now, there’s not enough room in this column to expose every B.S. claim made in Garland’s letter, but it shouldn’t be necessary anyway if you just contrast his words with the hours and hours of school board meetings that have gone viral on social media in recent weeks and months.

Parents shouldn’t be discouraged from speaking out passionately, even indignantly at school board meetings. However, they may wish to consider that this letter from Garland signals the same sort of operations that followed his last Chicken Little declaration in May 2020 about white supremacism and far-right radical extremism.

Don’t forget that the “kidnapping plot” of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer quickly followed that May 2020 pronouncement. According to Buzzfeed News, some of the 12 FBI informants involved “had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception.” 

“The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them,” the left-leaning news outlet reported.

Would the FBI infiltrate school board meetings or groups of parents planning to attend those meetings? Of course, they would, and likely already are doing so. After all, the head of the Detroit office for the FBI was promoted after the Whitmer incident to the Washington, D.C. office to oversee the investigation of the January 6 protest and riot in the U.S. Capitol. 

Revolver News has covered the federal government’s undercover involvement in the January 6 event, but even that incident seems quaint compared to what’s going on now with the targeting of parents at local school board meetings. 

The National School Boards Association lit the match that started this federal inferno coming down on parents. It was their letter to President Joe Biden on September 29 that claimed “domestic terrorism” and “hate crimes” were imminent threats at these local meetings.

One case cited on page four of the letter was that of Scott Smith in Loudon County, who was charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct after public comment was shut down at the June 22 school board meeting.

Smith didn’t attack or threaten anyone. Quite the contrary. His ninth-grade daughter was allegedly raped and sodomized in the school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt claiming to be gender-fluid. The school is accused of covering it up, the Daily Wire reported.

“Our nation’s public schools,” Garland calls them. Give me a break. His letter and the NSBA’s both clearly pander to one side of the debates over mask mandates, anti-white Critical Race Theory indoctrination, and hypersexual literature on kids’ library shelves. This notion of national public schools is absurd, but it’s useful for grabbing up more and more power.

The FBI must be stopped, defunded, and abolished.

Thankfully, the American people have at their disposal a rich tradition and legal doctrine that the FBI ultimately can’t overcome. It’s called saying, “No,” and this defiance is most effective when it takes the form of nullification or simply non-compliance, known and upheld by the Supreme Court as anti-commandeering.

None of this requires shuffling Republicans in or out of federal office, be it the House, Senate, or even the presidency. There’s no need to bring a lawsuit to federal court.

The agency’s origins go back over 100 years, roughly half the whole history of the federal government itself. Yet no national police or investigative force was ever inscribed in the U.S. Constitution. 

What is in the Constitution is the Bill of Rights, which includes the Tenth Amendment. That amendment, the cornerstone of the entire framework of our republic, makes clear that the federal government has quantifiable, delegated powers, while the states and their respective peoples have all the powers not delegated nor prohibited to them. 

State and local police aren’t perfect, but they’re inherently less prone to the longstanding corruption of the FBI. The best, perhaps only way to rein in the feds is a locally-based movement to reclaim the policing powers that D.C has usurped.

There are 16 states with Republican super-majorities in both state legislative chambers. What’s stopping them, or any red county for that matter, from introducing bills or ordinances to forbid their respective law enforcement entities from cooperating with the federal government on this matter? 

Notably, Florida state representative and candidate for U.S. Congress Anthony Sabatini has introduced a like-minded bill against the U.S. Capitol Police.

The FBI’s budget is nearly $10 billion. Split 50 ways, that’s $195 million per state. Isn’t senseless violence up nationwide? Imagine what could be done with that money if it left D.C. and wasn’t put to use stoking the flames of a culture war or threatening a civil war?

Americans can take their country back and even come together on a platform of decentralization. The centralizers in D.C. predictably demonize nullification and anti-commandeering, but the fact is they depend on local and state support for their programs.

The American people must focus ever more deliberately at the local level and interpret this latest action from the FBI for what it truly is, an admission that they fear losing their unconstitutional powers to local resistance.

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Gavin Wax is the 75th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

  1. I’m also for defunding the Capitol Police, aka: Pelosi’s Goons, as they serve no useful purpose. Use 1/2 their funding to expand the DC police and that would cover both the Capitol (rotating assignment) Detail and DC PD, capitol detail being part of the DCPD. I’d also like to see the Secret Service Security detail reduce to those needed to protect the current (sitting) President, Vice President, their Spouses, and MINOR (under 18) children, and NO ONE ELSE. US Marshal security reduce to those needed to provide for Witness Protection. NONE of the above to be used for Congressional Security (body guards) nor any Public Funds, Campaign Funds, or other non-personal funds to be used for Congressional Personal Security.

    1. I will second that proposal. Only in DC the city, the mayor is a black racist and no racist can compare to that combo. Same in Boston, Chicago, and a few other cities in dimwit nitwit enclaves. Bozo was the same, nothing worse than a black racist and his is barely black but mooshell made up for his lack of black!

  2. Defund and prosecute Wray and his corrupt agents with civil rights violations against inicent parents. Muslime loving Garland needs purged just like the fbi

    1. Any FBI ( FUC-ING IGNORANT BASTARDS ) agent that tries to or attempts to follow this protocol needs to be eliminated on the spot.

  3. The FBI has become nothing but a GOON SQUAD for the DOJ ! They use to actually have some decency and honor but not any more ! DEFUND the Entire DOJ !

  4. Sounds like a great idea, FBI, has become political machine, who have lost their way, no longer credible, look no further then the biden’s.corruption, applications, purchase gun lies, tax issues, conflicts of interest, money laundering and on and on, no longer crime fighters, just ass kissers for whom ever is in power,what a waste of tax payor money.

  5. Law enforcement is “localized” and serves their communities 24/7! 99.9999% are warriors ready to lay down their lives for citizens and except for a rogue here and there are a vital force for our protection!
    The FBI obviously receives its orders from the Democrats (whether they are the majority and in the Whitehouse or not). They serve all the people only for national security investigations a small % of the time and the balance of their time they conduct themselves like the K-G-B did or at the behest of the Democrats! AND, this has been going on for untold years! The Dems = the FBI!
    The Dems should pay salaries and expenses for the FBI. The funds this would free up could be allocated to local and state law enforcement communities around the country to be used for better training and wages to protect American citizens. Right?

  6. Defund the FBI, capitol police,cia,nsa,doj, there all incompetent, under hidenbiden, and so are his generals,that need to be removed for total incompetence. This whole administration needs to be removed, most aren’t fit or qualified for the jobs they ocupy now.

    1. Actually name just one of that administration who is fit for the job they have. Biden is the Establishment. That entity is what was behind the steal of the election of 2020. Trump scared the hell out of them all. And thus the not so hidden voter fraud was perpetrated. And have you also noticed that with few exceptions the candidates in the election on either side are not good picks. It has always been a choice between the worst or one even worse. Always pulled from the ranks of the establishment. So, Trump was a exception from outside and we must get him back. MAGA must continue and ranks of the establishment must be flushed as the floaters they are in the cesspool of DC.

  7. I’m always shocked at how frightened of privatization most of America is. However, our IIC (imbecile-In-Chief) has dampened that fear by weaponizing the FBI against parents. Large numbers of teachers have threatened to include it in their lesson plans regardless of what parents or ordinary taxpayers want. They seem unconcerned that our public system has collapsed intellectually.

    Teachers say breaking away is impossible but education is legally and logically a private matter as Quisha King reminded a Florida School Board. The central problem is acceptance of government control which obviously is waning. The primary problem with the K-12 segment is it’s a monopoly in a nation where monopoly is considered a criminal enterprise for everyone else.

    Another major flaw is taxpayers, with no children in public schools, have no voice in where and how their money is spent. These people make up a vast majority but the government chooses for them. School taxes are blended with property taxes and often are forgotten because they’re mandatory whether or not they have school-aged children.

    Public teaching has been fundamentally transformed into an enormous entitlement. Political corruption is a byproduct and easy loans have created colossal private debt. Free enterprise education eliminates the ability to trample one civil right by supporting an opposing civil right. Seems an appropriate time to take Quisha King’s suggestion for a mass exodus from government schools.

    School choice is defined neither by teacher nor the union. We need a robust free market able to deliver general subjects as well as specialties including athletics and arts. It’s a bad idea for any government to educate its children but government schools should be allowed to compete.

  8. Agree with the concept that the FBI and should be abolished. The original idea to creat the Bureau of Investigation under the DOJ was two fold first to answer the question of interstate crime ways especially bank robberies with the criminals going from one state to another committing these crimes and escaping to neighboring states. There was no interstate laws to assist local and state police to investigate these crimes once they left there jurisdictions. Hence the need for federal laws and enforcement. But present day communication and state agreements ends this need. Secondly the FBI was created for the sole purpose to give the AG at the time an enforcement arm of agents like under the US Treasury Dept. Agents from the US Secret Service (Treasury) were detailed to the AG and they formed the First Bureau of investigation later changed to the Federal Bureau of investigation. All for political reasons the AG wanted his own people to enforce and do his own actions for his own agendas…

  9. I am so down with defunding the FBI, they are nothing but deep state tools of destruction. Of course that will never happen simply because the FBI is a tool for socialist change, and let us not forget the IRS is also a tool for a socialistic society.

  10. Since there is the CIA for protection of America then is it possible to have state, county and local city law enforcement absorb the FBI agency? This could prevent political weaponizing of one of the federal law enforcement agencies.

  11. Fire all of them , FBI, ATF, Capital Police and all Dept of INjustice lawyers. Should have been done years ago. The abusive nature of these agencies has progressively gotten worse since Waco and other incidents. They murdered almost 100 people at Waco and no one was ever prosecuted. The list has lengthened over the years since,.


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