DEVELOPING: Biden Makes Surprise Admission on Taxes

White House [Public Domain]

In a shocking admission, Biden said he doesn’t think there are enough Democrat votes to raise tax rates in a deal on his economic agenda. However, he thinks he can reach an agreement on the overall legislative package.

MSN reports via Bloomberg:

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to get the vote,” he said in response to a question about individual and corporate rates at a CNN town hall on Thursday in Baltimore. “Look, when you’re in the United States Senate and you’re president of the United States and you have 50 Democrats, everyone is the president.”

A White House official said Biden was referring only to corporate tax rate increases, not other potential provisions to raise federal revenue, including other tax proposals.

Democratic negotiators have been working to address opposition from Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona moderate, to boosting rates. She has agreed to raise tax revenue from companies and the wealthy, according to a person familiar with the matter. But that’s posed a challenge to craft potential alternatives to rate increases.

Biden also acknowledged that two provisions of the large social-spending bill he calls “Build Back Better” had been curtailed. An initiative to provide paid family leave would be slashed to just four weeks from 12, he said, and a proposal to make community college free would be eliminated.

The admission appears to be another failure of the Biden administration, as admitted by Biden. “There’s a lot that people don’t understand, and by the way, all of it’s paid for,” he claimed of his trillion-dollar legislation.


    1. Don’t forget Bill, Biden is just squaking, and doing what he is told, I want to know who is really calling our shots, and doing all this damage..

      1. Absolutely correct!
        Old Slick Willie did as he was told to do by the real Clinton brain, Hillary. She is the author of the great division that we are experiencing.

  1. That idiot doesn’t understand what he’s saying,or doing,or he just doesn’t care how badly it will affect the lives of everyone in the U.S. especially the middle class,wich is rapidly slipping into poverty!

      1. do you really want the cackling hyena in charge? wait til after mid term elections, then both can be impeached… and the republican house leader becomes Prez!

      2. Because Joe is not in charge. He is only a puppet for Bernie Sanders and AOC the American marxist group that is really running our country

        1. Unlike Trump, Joe takes input from other people.
          Unlike Trump, Joe does not think that her is most fantastic human, ever.

      3. Because the dims are running this show, and show it is, the repubs are just occupying space and keeping us informed of what they can’t do

  2. CHEATER Jo eBiden is already taxing us today with a “hidden inflation tax on every product or service we buy today”!!! Every product and service prices in America is going up for all their corporate taxes are already being passed on to us!!!!!What a “BIG FAT HYPOCRITE LIAR HE IS TODAY,, PERIOD”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    1. Poor handling of the pandemic, from the get go, is driving prices up.
      What is really driving them up is America’s inability to transport goods from China.

  3. Biden has been in political office for 43 years! It’s time for him to go get a REAL job.
    No one would hire the idiot if they really needed something done. But the people who voted for this Democrat moron are too stupid to realize that they have turned the country over to the most INCOMPETENT administration ever. I suggest that, if you are one of the morons that voted for Biden, maybe you should sit the next few elections out. You need the time to let your brain start working again.

      1. Hey hey Albert, did you think that when you went to that Democratic Socialist Campaign Rally that Biden was the most articulate, smartest, politician running? What does that say about you ? Let’s go Brandon!

    1. When Biden leaves the Presidency there will no shortage of law firms reaqdy to taqke him on at 250k plus a year.
      His book will make millions.

  4. Wish that construction worker would have knocked him into another state when he pointed his finger in his face and said! I dont work for you!!!!

  5. Biden has been a liar & a plagerizer since his college days. He was forced to step down from the 1988 Presidential campaign for using speeches from Neil Kinook who was a member of Parliament at that time. Ge hasn’t changed his mantra since then, he is still a liar.


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