White House Tells Businesses to Go Forward with Vaccine Mandate Despite Court Freeze

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, the White House told businesses to move forward with implementing Biden’s vaccine mandate, despite the order being temporarily paused.

The Hill reports:

“We think people should not wait,” White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Monday. “We say, do not wait to take actions that will keep your workplace safe. It is important and critical to do and waiting to get more people vaccinated will lead to more outbreaks and sickness.”

“We’re trying to get past this pandemic, and we know the way to do that is to get people vaccinated,” Jean-Pierre added.

The Biden administration maintains that it is on firm legal footing after a federal appeals court in New Orleans temporarily blocked the rule, which was developed by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), on Saturday.

“The administration clearly has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19,” Jean-Pierre said Monday, noting that the Justice Department would be defending the rule in court.

On Saturday, three-out-of-five federal judges noted serious constitutional concerns over Biden’s mandate and issued the temporary stay on the rule. Last week, it was also revealed that the vaccine mandate would go into effect Jan. 4th and after then employers could be fined up to $14,000 for each violation.

      1. Dementia Joe shows how he dismisses the law. Maybe that’s how Hunter learns to lie and cheat.

        Let’s go Brandon

      2. Yup, 1% mortality rate less than flu deaths. And those numbers were consistent across the board from the beginning. The whole covid scare was a giant scam on the nation to allow the 2020 election steal. And boy did the rinos come out and stab Trump in the back. McConnell and McCain’s butt buddy won because of Trump then stabbed him. Throw in Romney and may other rinos. Time for the party to have a clean sweep. I do not contribute to the winfred group which is the GOP for rinos money bin. No dime to another rino ever again. Gotta run them out and flush them from the cesspool. And add the 13 GOP rinos in the house. Here in AZ we need someone not a rino for governor and to challenge Marky, Gabby’s dimwit nitwit lying hubby. The local state attorney is a rino but better than Marky.

    1. KAMALA: What is important to know and fight against is this fact:  Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!
      Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore they must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

      1. The Kenya birth story is just a red herring to distract away from the fact that Obama’s biological father was Frank Marshall Davis, the Chicago Communist publisher and renown ‘swordsman’ with a penchant for white girls, who knocked up Stanley Ann Dunham who was a mid teen and had been dumped on her grandparents in Seattle, by her ne’er do well transient mother. The GPs were fellow commie comrades of Davis. En route to Hawaii to cause strife at the bidding of his Russian handlers, Davis was hosted by Dunham’s GPs, and was delighted to discover that there was also a bit of San Quentin quail just ripe for the picking, and more than willing to share her affections with the first man to feign any real interest in her. And now you have some of the rest of the story.

      2. Citizenship has been redefined. reinterpreted. While I am still trying to find the data, I remember legislation that prevented children of foreign nationals and all foreign dignitaries that have children born here are not allowed citizenship. I believe this was expanded to workers and children that have visas issued to go to school and also have children in this country. these rules are complicated and people use these complications to use our laws to their advantage. This is why I make no conclusions. I need people that know the law. we don’t want speculation or roomer. if action can be done it must be done solidly within the law. we are a land of laws. If all are to be held responsible we must be on sure footing before making accusations. starting false statements can be used in court to cloud the charges. we want convictions. charges that cant be questioned. Let us hear from someone with facts that are accurate with documentable proof. then it can be applied. thanks for reading my post.——Grampa

      3. I certainly agree with you. Once the action starts, it should be like a major tidal wide and swept the nation. A large number of crooks need to be caught in the net soon and punished accordingly, including diaper biden, obama and hillbilly hillary!!!

      4. Ah, ALL the libtards know this, especially piglousy, and she is drooliing at the prospect of becoming president. I have been stating exactly what you noted above since the idiot of the white house became the false president with the camel in tow.

      5. Agree with you!!!!! I have a picture of Obama, Melinda Gates and Fauci in the Wohan together. In February 2017 I had a picture on Facebook of Obama and Fauci walking into the Wohan lab together but it was taken down. President Trump took office January 21, 2017. The next one is an article in one of Fauci’s Medical Journals dated January 11, 2017, stating “no doubt Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease out break during his presidency”.
        Everything that happened from the day President Trump took office has been because of Obama and Fauci. The well laid plan had a lot of other people that helped get this “Pandemic” started. These people need to be exposed.

        1. It is obvious the virus was intentionally allowed to spread in the world with utterly no warning from the chinese who let it get away and infect the world. And these labs of this type of virus invention are world ending possibilities. Dangerous in the hands of the chinese is an understatement.

      6. As much as I hate to say this you are wrong. The US law unlike other country’s does not require the parents to be citizens. It only requires the birth to take place on American soil. Illegals have used this law to get benefits for decades. The Chinese use this law to gain access by sending pregnant women on visa’s to the US during the last 3 months of their pregnancy’s knowing that the child will get an American passport and benefits.

        1. But it all can be undone if the 14th amendment is removed and maybe back date the legality to say a few years after the civil war to foil this anchor baby syndrome of the illegals and chinese if they can. The law was made to protect the slaves of the south that the civil war was fought to end. We just need a real congress with some balls and the votes to reverse the damage. And that is not the congress of today.

          The enemy within wants to break this country as fast as possible if they can. And we do outnumber the dimwit nitwits but deleting an amendment especially the 14th is gonna mean all votes in a major majority. It is just another piece of poorly written congressional legislation. One wonders if the brains all died out with our founding fathers since most laws written since the original constitution have been flawed.

          Apparently the candidates selected known a politicians are NOT THE BEST THE COUNTRY HAS ON OFFER! I think Big Mouth MAX definitely validates that sentence. Dumb, loud, stupid and her base uneducated. She literally lives in another community in a mansion.

        2. America is reverting back to The Constitution of 1776. The Corporation of America of which fake actor Biden is imposter, is bankrupt It was declared bankrupt in 2018 I think? America is going back to teh Constitutional Law the Founding Fathers envisioned. The cabal hijacked everything to suit themselves

    2. Government and Media took the Covid, FLU, and turned it into something it’s not!! It was not deadly!! We have cold/flu season every year!! We have deaths every year!!

      1. Please state the causes for charges for TREASON. You likely have a point, but please be more specific. Still, a thumbs up.

          1. What a caitiff like asinine puerile comment for an opponent of the Constitution. But what should we expect from a mentally unstable progressive?

            But as far as I’m concerned, you need to have a Saul type experience. Have an “interesting” day.

        1. Are you serious, or just blind? It’s plain as day, Poopy pants Joe and his puppet masters are selling out America every day!

          1. Are you aliterate or just lazy? Yes, Beijing Joe and his mentor and handler Mr. (intentional) Obama are selling out America. I was asking Annie to be specific as to why our false president suffering from onset dementia should be charged with treason as most here have no clue as to what treason is or where it’s found in US law.


        2. Taking orders from CCP, Taking money from CCP, 26 million fake Chinese Ballots on Bamboo paper. That is fraud and treason. The actor playing Biden ios a fraud . If that is not treason I dont know what is? The deceased Biden was a Pedophile as well owning Islands near Little St. James and a Submarine to pick up children from Disney World and take them to their sick islands

          1. You need to put your tin foil hat back on. These attempts to portray numerous leading politicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs as deceased or imprisoned with actors in their place is insane. Those who believe it are as mentally unstable as liberal snowflakes.

            In addition, never in American history has your concept of treason been even attempted to be invoked in a court case. I’ll wager you haven’t a clue when the last person was executed in the US.

            And while there was MASSIVE fraud that allowed the SEDITIONIST Democrats to steal the 2020 election from the rightful winner, Pres. Trump, your claim of 26 million BAMBOO votes by China when Pres. Trump lost by less than 8 million is ludicrous. Trump won, but not by 18 million as you imply.

            And a submarine from Disney World? Again, put your tin foil hat back on and get professional help. Next you’ll likely claim the FBI found numerous bones of children in the waters around Epstein’s island.

            HOWEVER, tell us, are you a progressive agent provocateur trying to make real conservatives and constitutionalists look demented as many progressives are?

    1. but then we get usurper Kamala Harris!
      Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore they must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

    2. The proper procedure it to IMPEACH,convict, evict, indict, try, convict, and sentence him. Sadly, the socialist seditionist tyrannical Democrats will NEVER allow it.

  1. this mental moron needs to be Impeached NOW!! He has defied The Supreme
    Court and now 5th circuit—when will the madness end–we have a list of
    his many impeachable offenses—the most corrupt President in our history!!

    1. Can’t impeach the dickhed. Just look at who is next. Camel and Piglosi.
      Just take over the house and stop the madness

      1. No need to stop impeaching. They are more than willing to carry on crimes against our nation once the demented puppet is laid to rest.

    2. He’s just following his mentor and handler, Mr. (intentional) Obama who likewise disregarded Court and SCOTUS rulings.

        IN bid ens REGIME!!!
        LET’S GO BRANDON!!!

    1. True, but Treason can be revealed by a dictator who by his actions denounces the US Constitution that places strict limits of his power, when he ignores the authority of the Judiciary to reign in his Tyranny. Every God fearing citizen should make up their mind today to reject this President and his mandate. We need at least 20-30 million people to tell him regardless of his mandate we will not comply. This has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with destroying our freedoms forever. We are way past about what might happen tomorrow, it’s happening today… right now!

      1. Spot on!!! There’s got to be at the very least 20-30 million people who’ve been seeing just how crooked this chump & his regime are!!!

  2. Nothing would bring a smile to America’s face quicker than to see one of the women justices angrily shake her index finger in his face before she slaps it.

  3. The Brandon administration does not care about the rule of law. Nor does it care about following the science. They twist both to gain control over the citizens of the USA. They have usurped the concept upon which this nation was founded and run by the people to one in which government controls all of our lives

    1. I’m convinced, JB has no idea what this Judge has handed down. Whoever is in charge is not gonna adhere to it, and of course these people cannot be held accountable, since no one voted them in, and we know JB has no idea what is happening around him, this is my opinion, based on some of the speeches JB made twenty years ago

  4. How much longer does our country have to be hijacked by this senile and demented President and lame duck Congress who cares nothing about our Constitution or the American people who work hard to stay afloat with the above’s obviously failed policies that the majority of America do not want? Let’s go Brandon and the dragon he rode in on!!!

  5. How is it that anyone can defy the ruling of a judge without significant consequences? If Biden can not be arrested, what use is our judicial branch of government when a tyrant does as he pleases, constitution be damned? We have a government run amuck!

  6. How is it that anyone can defy the ruling of a judge without significant consequences? If Biden can not be arrested, what use is our judicial branch of government when a tyrant does as he pleases, constitution be damned? We have a government out of control.

  7. Impeachment offense by Biden administration failure to enforce the laws of the US and disregard for the courts. Get rid of Democrats they are not patriots.

  8. How is it that anyone can defy the ruling of a judge without significant consequences? If Biden can not be arrested, what use is our judicial branch of government when a tyrant does as he pleases, constitution be d—d? We have a government run amuck!

  9. So Bin Biden is in contempt of Court. Sanction him. Hey they jail reporters when they are in contempt of court. The dictator thinks he is above the law.

  10. Throw this perverted demented senile old goat and his administration out on their tails. You do NOT ignore the Courts by any means!!

  11. If it has been proven that people can still get the virus even after being vaccinated, affirmed by health officials and doctors, and some that have been fully vaccinated have died what is the point of mandating that people get the “Jab” or Lose their job! Does anyone in their “Right mind” see the Chaos this will cause with workers not being able to support their families and the destruction it will cause in the workplace.
    Is it so Important for Pretender Biden’s Political Image and Political Agenda to place all these workers at risk and deny them their rights to control what they allow to be injected into their bodies? Will they be issued a Yellow Star to wear if they refuse the vaccine?
    Will Storm Troopers like the Gestapo be policing Workplaces if Business Owners and Workers resist this Dictators wishes?

  12. over seas 0ver 80 % of all deaths are people who have taken the shot and children’s death who took the shot have rose to 86 % look it up the media and Biden are not telling you the truth . the pandeic was over a long time ago if there even was one .

    1. No doubt, the bastard and his filthy crime family, AND his minions WILL BURN IN THE FURNACE OF THE LAKE OF FIRE, IN HELL!

  13. Biden is an IDIOT and his entire administration are FOOLS! His mandates are absurd and illegal and are only about attempting to get more control of the American people! This BS must be stopped!!!

    1. I think we make a mistake when we attribute PURE EVIL to lack of intellect. True, he is suffering from dementia but he is willfully destroying our nation. It is with intent, and he is a TRAITOR. He should be punished to the full extent of the law. If the Law is no longer functional then the people should bring him to justice.

    2. AND I believe it’s all intentional a al Margaret Sanger planning to reduce the unwanted part of the population for control and just like ALL communist countries it’s to purge the unwanted millions.


  15. Biden and his cronies in the Branden Administration obviously believe they are above the law….where is the LSM howling about Biden ignoring the law like they did when President Trump was in office?
    Answer: they have their collective heads up their posterior!

  16. If they really wanted the pandemic to be over they would treat people as soon as diagnosed, but they don’t. They vilify things that work just to get people vaccinated with a vaccine that wears out after 6 months. Are they going to keep requiring people to get the vaccine every 6 months now? It is all about control nothing more.

  17. And, the dims thought PRESIDENT Trump acted like a “dictator “ . Under the Beijing Briben regime this country looks more and more like a third world banana republic with old poopy pants as the tin horn dictator!

  18. time for american tribunal for all traitors of our country here 4500 marines we are million more like ? gods armies go before us devils gone?


    1. They have no intention of following the LAW. They went after Trump for all of his executive orders but he waited until the courts ruled in his favor. Biden and his handlers are not bound by legal elections, neither are they bound by the courts. They dictate LAW unilaterally unconstrained by the protections provided for the people under the Constitution of the United States. We are witnessing TYRANNY today right before our unbelieving eyes.

  20. Not even a President can ignore a court ruling. If Biden didn’t agree with the ruling there are legal steps he could have taken. As his he must be arrested and charged for his act of going forward with his unconstitutional mandate.

    1. Some pion that works for Biden. She too should be ignored her demands rejected. The mandate neutralized by wide spread civil disobedience. We the people will bear the suffering, but eventually the employers will also resist, or have to do without a workforce or customers for their goods and services.

  21. Hey Capt Corn Pop, We are not taking the vaccine because you think you can order it. You were not elected King…if you were elected at all. This Franken Vax should be banned. It’s keeping Covid going. That and a few million people who don’t belong here spreading it around.

  22. The government does not have the power to force any mandate on corporations or the people. But that won’t stop them from trying.

  23. So Joe is telling us not to listen to the courts. We should just do whatever we want. Get him out of there. He has done more than enough damage. Release all the January 6 defendants. What ever the courts decide they do not have to listen. Great! No police. No courts. This is getting worse day by day. No wonder everyone wants to come here. The criminals can do whatever they want with no consequences. God save us from every democrat ever born.

  24. This is like the snake eating it’s own tail, the more he eats,the faster he thinks. that he is winning.

  25. Somebody needs to tell this stupid or senile old fart he is NOT king. He is ruining and dividing this country to the point that he should be impeached for his tyrannically edicts.

    1. Unfortunately the government has become as corrupt as he is, and they dominate the Department of Justice the FBI, the CIA and a lot more of the federal system. They are empowering him to destroy our country.

  26. Arrest the SOB! The bastard will either comply to our laws, or the people will enact our laws against this obama puppet! WE THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE OUR GUNS AND WE NEED TO TAKE THINGS LIKE DISOBEYING OUR LAWS AND ENFORCING THEM OURSELVES! Enoughof these filthy mongrels who think they have the right to break our laws! This will end badly for that troll! If they try to jab you, start shooting becayse they are criminaks and you have the right to defend yourself!

  27. Treason!!!! This admin wants us dead and illegals here to vote for them and we are not safe. He should be in prison for treason. He is not exempt from our laws. Vaccines are meant to kill us. That is why the admin and ore are exempted.

  28. Someone asked on what to impeach Biden and someone laid out was has to be done cause he is president …… hmm how many swing states with statistical abnormalities that are the equivalent of winning the lottery every day of your life. Lucky Joe rigging an election is a coo a treasonous offense punishable by death. Day one killing the USAs energy independence only to go back and buy oil from OPEC you know the little sheet heads in the Middle East that use their money to attack the USA and her allies impeachable offense one but that’s not all he did that day. His list of real impeachable offenses is longer than any Presidents in US history.

    Vaccine mandate clear violation of constitution as it states any power not directly granted to the federal government is a states right issue. For federal contractors he is illegally using the federal acquisition regulations to force vaccine mandates – something that has nothing to do with acquisitions. OSHA as a department is not clearly a federal government granted power therefore it is illegal taxation and should be closed immediately.
    Americans need to wake up…… our nation’s founding fathers would already have screamed and stroke the fire to arms to arms. Alas you are to weak to fight for this great nation. I sit by her bedside and sadly see an occasional beat on the monitor as she slowly dies and no one cares enough about her. No one reads the history books no one looks at socialism’s failures around the globe and through the ages. Socialism, communism, Marxism all fail.

  29. Biden, Harris, Soros and too many others are all guilty of treason. What happened to honoring the oath of office they took to uphold the Constitution. It will be over for them in 2022. It can’t come fast enough.

  30. How Presidential of Biden to threaten employers with a vaccine mandate that he knows is unconstitutional. He has no such authority over private businesses and is abusing the OSHA authority.

  31. All you need is one box of bullet’s and 50 patriotic marksmen to take out the worst in government,media,and big tech.The Constitution allow’s “The People” to overthrow unjust tyrannical government.Since media and big tech are in bed with government they are part of the problem so they must go too.Believe me once 50 are eliminated the rest will be scared shitless and will follow the “will of the People”.Look how many “crapped their pants” after the Jan 6th DEMONSTRATION with nobody shot EXCEPT an unarmed white woman veteran by a black cop.The deep state/government doesn’t have the manpower we have,and their w.o.k.e. skirt wearing military is no match for pissed off non vaxed,kicked out special forces and battle tested soldiers as well as all past veteran’s.Once that first shot is heard it’s “game on”.History will repeat itself and we all know how it ended with King George.

  32. Why do they push this vax so hard??? It is NOT because they give af about the American people. Welcome to the USSA. Where you vax if you wanna eat.

    1. It has nothing to do with the COVID virus and everything to do with taking away the sovereign rights of individuals to exercise their freedoms a liberties under the protection of the US Constitution to protect each of us from our government.

  33. Perhaps they should of confiscated every citizen’s firearms first? Eventually when the rule of law is abandoned by a DICTATOR it becomes incumbent on the nation to restore law and order. Never ever, ever, ever, ever, as long as God lends you the breath of life surrender to Tyranny.

  34. It was always about control and keeping it going through the 22 election as a distraction. Needed to force communism

  35. What ever happened to MY BODY, MY CHOICE! …OHHHH… I get it! RULES FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME! ..LETS GO BRANDON!!!!

  36. Biden and any business who does not follow the judge’s orders will be in contempt and that does have some teeth to it if the fudge is fiesty enough. Joe thinks he is above the law like most dimwit nitwits! We shall see. Time for prosecutions to begin for 2020 election fraud, decertifying the election results and ignoring court orders. Keep it going, more from dumb senile Biden as entertainment now. Fall on your own sword old senile fool Joe.

  37. Am I the only one who read about the most populous region in India is now saying they are covid free?? It WAS NOT VACCINES, when someone was infected with covid they were treated with the “horse deworming” medication!!! Why isn’t msm following this story?? I will tell you why, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH, DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA, DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICANS!!! THESE SO CALLED journalists ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES, AND THEY SPIN FALSE INFORMATION!!! KEEP BOYCOTTING THEM AND THEIR NETWORKS!!!

  38. It is amazing how these people go to a judge to stop us, but when a judge stops them pay it no attention, so let’s have no laws everyone for themselves.

  39. That is really the way a leader should be tell everyone to just ignore the court what should happen is for company’s to tell Biden to pound sand they are going to obey the court that’s really being a good example for the pedofile pres Joey fart head to b


  41. Shame, aren’t enough people dying from C19 as planned? Why trust a jab from the same Cabal that launched C19 on the World on purpose? Oh of course, to make billions whilst throttling Business for the average person? Genocide is the name of their sick game


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