These Republicans Voted for Dems $1.2T Infrastructure Bill

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

Several Republicans joined Democrats in the House to vote for the Build Back Better Infrastructure bill on Friday. The news came as a total shock for many as the legislation is anything but bipartisan. 

There were 13 Republicans who voted for the legislation and shockingly there were 6 Democrats who voted against the legislation. 

Here were the major upsets during the votes for the Build Back Better infrastructure bill:

  1. OK, well, most of the R’s that voted were from Blue states – NJ, NY, IL. The only 2 that were a bit of surprise to me were the AL & the OH reps.
    The D’s that didn’t vote for it were wanting MOR MORE MORE.
    Now, let’s hope & pray that we have a Senate that has at least a few brains involved in decisions.

      1. And Illinois’ favorite traitor, Adam Kissmyassinger, isn’t running either. He is thinking about running for Governor or Senator – LOL. He might get 100 votes in either race.
        Buck Fiden

          1. You are STILL a Troll! I thought you would have learned your lesson by now and TRY to have a civil discussion. NOT!

          2. And YOU’RE worried about something being “too crude”??? Once again, proof that Leftists are hypocrites.

          3. Yeah Albert – “Buck Fiden” is too crude, but everything Biden has done and is doing to this nation isn’t crude, not to mention destroying American lives??? And YES, there’s a LONG LIST!!

            People like you hated Trump from the beginning. You bought into the Russian Collusion lies perpetrated by none other than Hillary. You didn’t like the fact that he played rough with our adversaries despite ignored the fact that those other leaders DO NOT CARE ABOUT DESTROYING THIS NATION. All you could focus on was Trump’s mean tweets.

            In the meantime, Biden is paying off illegals, leaving Americans behind, crippling our energy independence, and acting as if he were king with his UNCONSTITUTIONAL VAX MANDATE. Have you ever heard anything so stupid as “We must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”??????

            Anyway you cut it Albert, Biden and his cabinet are NOT good for America!!

          4. That would be sleepy Joe poopy 💩 pants. Not trump. You couldn’t even keep up with him, dumb ass.

          5. FYI: Trump doesn’t need the WH to run our nation. He can do it all from Trump Tower in NY or Mara Lago in Florida.

    1. I think the senate has already pass with republicans voting for it. It passed in the senate The vote was 67-27.
      Here are the 19 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill:

      • Roy Blunt, Missouri
      • Richard Burr, North Carolina
      • Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
      • Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
      • Susan Collins, Maine
      • Kevin Cramer, North Dakota
      • Mike Crapo, Idaho
      • Deb Fischer, Nebraska
      • Lindsey Graham, South Carolina
      • Chuck Grassley, Iowa
      • John Hoeven, North Dakota
      • Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
      • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
      • Rob Portman, Ohio
      • James Risch, Idaho
      • Mitt Romney, Utah
      • Dan Sullivan, Alaska
      • Thom Tillis, North Carolina
      • Roger Wicker, Mississippi

      These republicans were part of why Trump loss in 2020 as well. They never supported Trump very strong. They were glad to see Trump leave so now they can work with the democrats better to destroy our country.

          1. So return to globalist media cliton opinion and feelings network and they will continue to protect you libby snow flake sheep from knowing the truth .

          2. Right, and 80 million AMERICAN voters can’t be wrong… I’ll have what you’re drinking.

          3. HESS.? That’s a Nazis name. Wow.! I’d be so embarrassed with that name and change it.! 🇺🇸

        1. That is not true and you would know that if you did not listen to the Lamestream Media! You are uneducated, dumb and stupid if you think that Trump is losing support! The Rinos are not the ones voting in the elections!

          1. Poopy Joe is 38. Watch some right wing news once in a while and you’ll get the facts, dumb ass.

          2. And you believe that 80 million AMERICAN voters got him in ?
            You need to stay away from that Kool-Aid…

          3. He’s 46 till we find out how the DemoCraps stole the election.
            Remember, when SleepyJoe was campaigning, he said “I don’t need your votes to win” …
            He already knew that the fix was in, and that his party was going to steal the election for him.
            Try to find that video today, but you won’t find it because the Dems destroyed it.

          4. I remember the police.
            And all of the sacrifices they make for us.
            Are you trying to say the cops are the same thing as the mob?
            You disgust me.

          5. Uneducated?
            MIT MSEE ’72
            And you?

            Trump lost 13 Republicans this week.
            Christy stabbed Trump in the back and then threw him under the bus.
            More to follow.

      1. That is correct, so now if you have any of these morons in your state, you know what has to be done during the next elections!

          1. You still don’t get it. Democrats are baby killers and you all will stand before an AWESOME GOD for an account to why you have so lost your way to the truth of this world, because you love this world, so the world loves you and blinded your eyes. Now that’s the truth.

          2. You still don’t get it, President Trump didn’t lose. Wish I could see your face when you learn the truth. God is not going to let these baby killers rule. They have been given a time to repent, time is up. Watch and see. You should get on the right side of this. God is absolutely good. Search Him out.

          3. Great… on Veterans Day we have to listen to Rudolph Hess, excuse me, Albert Hess tell true Americans what is wrong and what is right… God help us.

      2. President Trump didn’t lose the election. The Dems stole it you will find out soon that this is the truth and they will all be tried for treason!!!

        1. NO I think you are stupid! The biggest threat to this nation are people like you who are uneducated, dumb Democrats!

          1. Your a flip flop, but correct. They should. I wish Palin was still in that office. We’d all be better off. She’s not perfect, she’s just better.

          2. What office?
            Palin has only held State Office.
            A one term wonder as Govonor.
            48% of the vote.
            Palin is why Obama was elected.
            Americans saw that Palin’s lipstick was on a pig.

          3. I disagree, Albert, McCain was the problem. No personality at all. I truly believe he was damaged in the war and should not have been in politics or a public position . I felt sorry for him.



      1. That’s the Libs wish, that Trump losses support every day, because they know he will be back.
        Keep fooling yourself…

      2. Stop being a buffoon! Trump is enjoying his beautiful family, wife, castles like properties, his creative buildings, that employs thousands upon thousands of employees, etc etc. Instead of disrespecting this unique American, you should study, to find out how to have one tenth of what this hard working man has in life!

      1. Wait till your husband and his boyfriends return from buying drugs from the libby snow flake on the corner and they will slap the hell out of you and keep you their bitch .

        1. Man you’re so stupid.! President Trump was making America Great Again. Have you looked in stores lately dumb ass. Ya. Dumb Ass, with a capital letter. Look at the empty shelves and high prices come on man.! LoL their not democratic, their democrats. As I find them to be DEMON RATS.! And BTW, really embrace God, cuz you know nothing about the only true God. Or you would understand what demons they really are. You might even be demon possessed. Ignorance is bliss I guess. ✝️✝️✝️

  4. The Republicans still don’t get it – they believe that they are acting like they are just compromising – their is no comprising with lunacy and they are all nuts- just thinking Rick Rino Scott is backing Mur-cow-ski in AK shows you, how F-ed the R’s R- Time to blow up this party N pull everyone worthy to the Conserv wing of the R’s and get rid of them all

      1. They get it.
        They see that Trump will lose in 2024 just like he lost in 2020.
        But with even more voter fraud.
        Trump and his flunkies are just smart and tough enough to end voter fraud.
        It is time for the Republican Party move beyond Trump if they want to be in power.

        1. There will be a Landslide FOR Trump in 2024, just like it was in 2020, only the DemoCraps cheated, and stole the election for SleepyJoe… you know, the Presidential Candidate who said
          “Yes, I will raise taxes when I become President”… yet 80 Million “American” voters voted for him anyway….
          Have another glass of Kool-Aid.

  5. Good Evening I’m ashamed to even say I’m from nj Mark but I’m here and I’ll do whatever it takes to get these creeps that’s calling themselves republicans out of office they don’t belong in the republican party and that goes for all that turn against what we stand for remember United We Stand Divided We Fall Remember M A G A

  6. Not much hope to get rid of these RINO’s NY, NJ, Mi. BUT we need to try to get them out. I think NY elections have been rigged for decades!

  7. These POS turncoat traitors just saddled generations of our children with crushing debt ..remove these piles immediately and help save your countries future ..every day they exist in government is a loss for freedom and the American way

  8. One redeeming factor is that the children and grandchildren of these goofs will be paying for this for years and years and years,
    And seeing how all of them are white (people of NO color), I hope their children and grandchildren are the victims of racial quotas and affirmative action throughout their working careers!!!!
    I’m loving what the stupid young white wokesters are setting themselves up for!!!!

  9. All 13 of these MORONS need to be voted out of office as soon as possible. They are either stupid or they are corrupt – PROBABLY BOTH!

    1. Oh they will voted out all right.
      Many will be replaced Democrats.
      They are voting for what their comstitutients want.
      Not for the opportunity to lick the Trump’s stink star

  10. The country will go down not by Biden and the evil socialist democrats but by the RINO’S.
    Primary all the ones in the House out next year.
    Unless things change and the Republicans unify and some of them grow a pair, they will take down the country.

      1. Now that you used all your drugs, you must have sent your husband and his boyfriends to go purchase you more drugs from the libby snow flake on the corner .

  11. Any of those RINOs seeking to stay in office should be voted out the next primary. They should be removed from any committee positions they have in January. They should be totally marginalized and not receive support from the R.N.C.. If you side with the Dems, you are siding with Anti-Bill of Rights Marxist Criminals.

      1. As smart as eating tidepods, as smart as snorting used condoms, as smart as imagining you are unicorns, as smart as imagining you are 1,000 different genders, libby snow flake smart .

  12. One has to wonder what the “so-called
    Republicans” were thinking when they gave their ballots to the Dems! Certainly not very concerned about their own cohort!!

  13. A hateful lot of reps in Congress! The question is whether the Reps will let this less then accaptable cohort remain as Reps!

      1. Hate, like globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and chester biden and demonrats and rinos and media order their libby snow flake sheep to hate the gender they are born and try to get a sex change . . . . . . ha ha ha ha ha

  14. Hey, Trump Train News, why do you BLOCK and CENSER my comments but allow that Communist/Nazi troll Albert Hess to go on and on unhindered?


    You’re about as transparent as your god DJT was. By the way, did DJT and GOP do anything at all about election fraud during the FOUR YEARS we gave them the power? Anything about the US Dep’t of Indoctrination?

    I’ll answer for you – NO they didn’t. So stop whining about elections etc, you ASKED FOR IT!

    Now get busy and block this, running from the TRUTH is what you do best.

  15. Interesting how MOST of these fake “Rs” are eastern BLUE states. So really are they Rs or just Ds who fooled the Rs. What a joke! IF the Rs take over the House in 2022, I recommend moving all their offices to the basement near the boiler room or bathrooms. Take them off ALL committees and give them “D” masks to wear until they are kicked out of office.

  16. you all sound like a bunch of kids. Seems to me with all the knowledge here you all could get together and solve some of these problems rather than arguing about them and pointing fingers at each other. We need leaders not finger pointers.


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