The Most Unbelievable Headlines on Covid-19

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

The church of Fauci is a powerful force in modern America, a bunch of nut jobs that talk about following science but really only believe what they read on social media. Having faith in science means reading past the headlines and being reasonable about the claims you make, something Dr. Fauci just isn’t all that skilled with. 

Considering the amount of media coverage the Covid-19 pandemic has received, there were bound to be some wacky and zany headlines about the virus, its treatment, and the individuals operating with it. Let’s take a look beyond the headlines for a moment and take a look at some of the craziest Covid-19 stories from the past few weeks. 

Here are the craziest Covid-19 stories from this past week: 

  1. Come on guys – you’re misstating the facts. Isn’t that what we accuse them of? We are dealing with a virus. We know very little about this virus and it usually takes a few years to figure them out due to a variety of reasons including variances. You never know how long a vaccine will last until time has lapsed and saying otherwise is ludicrous, to say the least. Cut it out and be thankful the whole globe has researchers working on this. We have NEVER cured a virus and it took almost 200 years to eradicate smallpox. Polio is still alive and flourishing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Grow up for God’s sake.

  2. Evidently, some are expecting words of wisdom to come thundering down from Mount Olympus. Instead, we have the quiet recommendations of Dr. Fauci who is doing his best to help the American people. He is being accused regularly of profiting on the virus from people who know full well how to complain and little else about the situation. I’m thinking of one senator who appears to want to gain personal fame for his dogged indicting of Dr. Fauci in every way he can think of. Fauci has courageously soldiered on when nearly everyone would throw in the towel and resign in disgust. Why does he continue? Because of money? Can it be so simple a thing as the obvious fact that he is deeply concerned about saving human lives. Somehow, to me, that seems to be a good enough reason. He is a great American! Dwayne

    1. maybe this person needs to see the experiments Fauci did on babies and dogs in New York. They tested untested drugs on babies and Ive seen photos of the child covered from head to foot in an angry red rash from the face to the feet. he experimented on Beagle dogs, stuck a stick fluid on their heads that attracted insects and he drugged the dogs so they couldn’t scratch of push off the insects on their heads. Fauci was responsible for Ebola, HUV/AIDS, SARS and Covid 19 He is a cruel Psychopath and such a liar. Gates gave him $40 Million For what? He knew that in 1920 millions died from Masks, not from the Spanish flu! They want children’s organs to harvest them, Thats why he wants children vaccinated. He knows they will die

      1. Some people will believe anything thing.
        Do believe that Trump should have fired Fauci?
        Do you believe that Trump was too weak?
        If Biden wanted Fauci fired he would be.
        We have a strong leader in the White House, Again.

    2. He studied the coronavirus in 2014 at the Wuhan lab..and it’s effects in a global pandemic. Hes had 7 years and knows nothing there are 157 variants. They say everything is covid. A man in Florida died from shark bite, the hospital said he died of covid…

        1. That’s what we’re all wondering about you. Your the weak one. Your the jerk and to f-ing stupid to even know it. Now please to this page a favor and just leave. Go back to the cesspool of your demonic buddy, biden. The one that shit his pants in front of the pope and then let one of the loudest farts known. Oh yeah, it’s out there on social media and we’re all getting a good laugh from the “week a$$hole, dementia ridden, drooling, disgusting, weak puke that walks the earth. Just go.


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