Biden Shocks Reporters with Racist Gaffe

If there’s one thing you can count on from President Biden is he will inevitably stumble again.

During President Biden’s Veteran’s Day address at Arlington National Cemetery, he slipped up by referring to the late baseball player Satchel Paige as “the great negro.” Yes, actually said it.

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Fox News reports:

Biden was honoring former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Donald Blinken, an Army veteran and father of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, during his speech when he launched into a story about Paige, who played in the so-called “Negro leagues” before moving to to Major League Baseball in the late 1940s.

“I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher of the Negro leagues, who went on to become a great pitcher in the pros — in Major League Baseball — after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige,” Biden recalled.

“And Satchel Paige on his 47th birthday pitched a win against Chicago,” Biden continued. “And all the press went in and said, ‘Satch is amazing. Forty-seven years old. No one’s ever, ever pitched a win at age 47. How do you feel about being 47?’ He said, ‘Boys, that’s not how I look at it.’ And they said, ‘How do you look at it, Satch? And he said, ‘I look at it this way: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’”

Biden, 78, went on to joke that he’s only 50 years old and the 95-year-old elder Blinken is 47.

      1. It changes day to day. I consider myself an American, not a German-American, French-American or any other divisive term.

        1. And you are correct, it changes every time the wind blows from the north.
          They are so insecure that no ” term ” seems to fit them. Black, African -American, What will it be next year?

          1. Colorless maybe? Black is technically not a color but lack of colors just as white is all colors in equal amounts. Black over grey to white are correctly named shades.

          2. Black actually is not an absence of color but, rather, an absence of all wavelengths of light. White, on the other hand, is the presence of all wavelengths. This is known as additive color.

            Pigment uses what is known as subtractive color. When we see something as red, it means that all wavelengths except red are absorbed, leaving only the red light to be reflected back to our eyes.

            What this means is that something that appears black to our eyes is actually absorbing all wavelengths of light: the closer to true black it is, the more light is absorbed. (This is why black cars are hotter in the summer than white cars.)

          3. Marie, since you are more than willing to spell out your ignorance and intolerance for all who come across your unfortunate comment, I feel compelled to reply. Im almost certain the hate that you project, probably learned from ignorant parents and/or stemming from insecurities, will not allow you to understand the simple message I have for you. If any other humans on this planet, no matter they be a group, or individual, wanted to change the “term” they are referred by, everyday, until they felt comfortable with said “term” that they will be labeled with, the only response from other empathetic humans should be to adopt the new term for that day. Your comment doesnt even make sense, “it changes every time the wind blows” I guess the wind only ever blows once because you can only list two “terms” that “They” are so “insecure” about. Then more stupidity, “What will it be next year?” This country was built on the backs of Black people 400 years ago and we have been here since. The fact that you can only reference two “terms” would make you an idiot to think that “terms” would change yearly. Dont spout hate just to spout hate, and if you do, make sure not to come across as a complete idiot while doing so… Jeesh

        2. You are right. Why is it that ‘White’ Americans seem to be the only ones who are not allowed to differentiate themselves? There are ‘African-Americans’ (even though the vast majority of them were not born in Africa, much less have ever been there). You have Mexican-Americans, though most of them will never live in Mexico. BUT, ‘White-Americans’ are not allowed to say “I am a German-American”, or a “British-American”, so on and so on.

          1. I am 3% Swedish, 9% Norwegian (those damned Vikings are everywhere). 18% Scottish/Irish and 70% Welsh/English. But being born in the USA makes me a native American. You are a NATIVE of the land you are born in. Look it up in the dictionary.

          2. I want Caucasian American added to the list. I’m a Caucasian American of German, Irish, and Dutch descent.

          3. Well since you asked.. Its because “white people”, when they would immigrate to America would hide their their nationalities so that the racist white people in America wouldnt discriminate against them. So its not that you are not allowed to say I am German American, your people chose to do everything possible not to be recognized as that. Reading is fundamental and knowledge is power!

        3. Oh OK it changes day to day… What does it change from and to day to day.. dont forget blacks have been here for 400+ years thats over 146,000 different day to day terms.. I challenge you to name even 5.. Ill wait……………….

      2. My father was born in North-East Africa and he and I are both white. Does that still make me an African American? Asking because my kids will be applying for college in a couple years and I think being African American will give them an edge in being accepted, OR even getting free tuition.

        1. Give it a try! Of course the blacks will be up in arms about it.They’ll accuse you of trying to horn in on their gravy train. We really would be better off without them.

          1. If a “man” can “identify” as a woman, he can “identify” as African-American, BUT he really IS of African descent. It’s NOT based on SKIN COLOR!

          2. There are colleges, award shows, television and radio stations, history month etc. all geared to black people only, how come THAT isn’t considered RACIST???

          3. Gravy train.. haha.. You should really read a newspaper or a book. The ignorance is strong in this thread.

        2. Well, a white chick in Wash or Or claimed to be Black and became a spokesperson for the blm. Corn rolls and all. Then they discovered she was not Black. You might try the more proven minority race for University entrance and future Top Jobs by claiming Indian heritage. Cherokee seems to work best.

          1. She didn’t represent the BLM; rather, it was the NAACP that she represented – until they found out she was actually white and was only “passing” as black. She claimed to “identify” as black after she was found out, but nobody was buying it and she got fired. Heck, I “identify” as an NFL QB, but it doesn’t change reality!

          2. Yeah, but that was more than 50 years ago – since then folks like “Ole Joe’ have come up with “Politically Correct Woke-ness” speech wherein using certain words – especially “Negro” and many other words they’re not comfortable with – are not tolerated! Just one more example of “you can’t say it” BUT “I can”! Or his mind is just “one toke over the line Sweet Jesus” waiting . . . but the train has left the station!

          3. I seem to think that I may be be identifying as a ballerina ? But I don’t know ho to dance on my toes! What now!

          4. If a man can claim to be a woman and vice versa and it’s embraced now as normal…I see no reason why one can’t simply changes races…to me that seems a whole lot easier to do than change sexes..

        3. Why in this day and age would you want to still send your kids to higher indoctrination? Because thats all it is…they’re better off in a trade or tech school where the real jobs and money are.

          1. You can learn just about everything online now. Just ask Biden, he says to go to a McDonald’s parking lot and use their WiFi!!!

        4. Ibram Kendi tweets on white college applicants lying about being blackAriel Zilber For  11/1/2021

          © Provided by Daily Mail Ibram X. Kendi posted and then deleted a tweet promoting an article which stated that white college applicants pretend to be non-white in order to gain acceptance
          Ibram X. Kendi posted and then deleted a tweet promoting an article which stated that white college applicants pretend to be non-white in order to gain acceptance – which his critics claim contradicts his own theories about white supremacy and ‘privilege.’

        5. Charlize Theron the actress, and some Victoria’s Secret model, whose name escapes me at the moment, are white and were born in Africa!! As long as you aren’t pulling a Rachel Dolezal….. and can prove it, go for it!!

      3. Well, except JoeBama. But he has called them that most of his life. Grand PoohBaah of the clan Byrd taught him that.

      4. i am a few yrs behind Biden, but I recall,in my 1950’s childhood, teachers always used term Negro. Today, the word would be an insult. They say that in re to Alzheimer’s dementia,it affects recent memory, some people very good at long term memory. Biden using very old term he recalls from 1950s.

      1. Yeah, but that was more than 50 years ago – since then folks like “Ole Joe’ have come up with “Politically Correct Woke-ness” speech wherein using certain words – especially “Negro” and many other words they’re not comfortable with – are not tolerated! Just one more example of “you can’t say it” BUT “I can”! Or his mind is just “one toke over the line Sweet Jesus” waiting . . . but the train has left the station!

  1. The Negro Leagues were popular when I was growing up! From Wiki:
    The Negro leagues were United States professional baseball leagues comprising teams of African Americans and, to a lesser extent, Latin Americans. Wikipedia
    First year: 1920
    Founder: Rube Foster

    I didn’t hear a gaffe, but again I don’t listen to Joe Unless I’m bored out of my skull.

  2. Big difference between referring to the Negro League of our checkered past and continuing to think of an African American as a “great negro.” You people asking “where’s the gaffe” can NOT be serious. I’m a white conservative gun owning heterosexual Christian male, the poaster boy for Un-PC un-woke, and I know better than that. C’mon, man…

  3. The MSM and social media got selective hearing on this one , just like all the other racist comments. He is his father’s LET’S GO, BRANDON!

    1. That is correct, they were not listening…..then it does not count. But Let’s go Brandon….we all heard that……..right?

  4. There is nothing wrong in calling a black man a negro. It is NOT derogatory, especially in this case, as Biden was complimenting Paige. Don’t let the left control the English language!!!

    1. You cannot be confused, you are white, and you do have common sense……they don’t…that is why they are the ones who are confused.

  5. The real shame is that referring to a Black person, especially a Black man who was a major player in the Negro League of baseball, is considered racist. Now, Lyndon Johnson’s usually referring to Black American’s as ni**ers; WAS racist, or at least a slur against people of the negroid ethnicity. The three major racial variations of the human race of homosapien’s are; negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. Negro was for the longest time a shortened version of negroid and was commonly used without any thought of racism. That is why we had the Negro League in baseball. “Colored People” was another defining term that was acceptable by everyone just a few short decades ago. Being tricked into having these innocuous terms having negative connotations is the work of hateful Progressive’s who want to control the masses by dividing US.
    Back to Biden, since he is one of those hateful Progressive’s, he especially should not have used the term “negro”. Had anyone who is not a proponent of Socialism used that term, they would be hanged. Oops! I’m probably not supposed to use that term either.

  6. Good Lord – this ‘mindless boob’ represents the USA? I don’t care how you feel about Satchel Paige – this is Veterans Day to honor our Servicemen and women! Can’t they rig a ‘string in him’ like Chatty Kathy ‘n just pull the string so his mind doesn’t wander off?

  7. I wonder when I see a photo of this mindless old fart, who in the hell is letting him use a microphone or teleprompter or get on a plane ? Who let’s the old boob sit in the Oval Office? who dresses him? Who lets him out in public ? Who is changing his diapers? God this fool makes me sick to my stomach!

  8. If we were all color blind we would just say American, but the liberal Socialist Democrats would not allow it because they would not be able to divide US.

  9. that was NOT a “gaffe”.! Biden IS and has ALWAYS been a “flaming” racist and a race “baiter” for ALL his time in politics,as well as his “childhood”..Recall the “corn pop” commentary..If anyone REALLY did any serious digging they would find a LOT of “so called” “gaffes” that were NOT !!! Not only is he a child molester but has now shown the entire world that he is a VERY demented,sick facist !

  10. He gets a pass because he’s a commiecrat…if it had been Trump there would have been the typical media outrage that would’nt let up until it properly had riots and burning cities over the remark.People need to get over themselves with titles and labels already….sticks and stones people…sticks and stones.

  11. I have no use for Biden at all but come on, let’s be serious. This was no gaffe or racist remark. It’s just an old man using a term that was in common usage in his younger days. I’m sick to death of everything being ‘racist’. Relax all, Joe will give us plenty of real gaffes–just wait for it.

  12. And reporter’s are stunned with biden being a racist, why??? News flash he’s a RACIST from day one!!
    He’s a liar extraordinaire!!! Sad state of his affairs!!!

    1. Rocky – you make a good point! With the exception of white players from the European B-Ball leagues, I’ll wager you can count the number of white NBA players from American colleges on your phalanges and piggies! The NFL is not quite there yet, but the great majority of footballers are black as well. Seems to me that we white fellas are being subject to rampant racism. Let’s all put together a list of who we can sue. Those racist owners and league commissioners have tons of money we can go after….

  13. That’s what it was known as when Satchel played, and I don’t think they’ve renamed the Negro League Hall of Fame in Kansas City yet. Jibberish Joe makes enough mistakes that there’s plenty to choose from, but I don’t necessarily consider this one of them. And on this subject, I agree with Joe: Satchel was a fabulous pitcher!

  14. You can not expect Biden to keep up with the current PC terminology. He can hardly keep up with a snail. Paige played in the Negro leagues. Back then blacks were called negros or colored. Biden has made plenty of racial statements in the past but this was not one of them. It just shows how out of touch he is. Also African American is an incorrect term. Not all blacks have African roots. Some whites have African roots. not all blacks presently here are American citizens.

  15. Gaffe? When will people wake up and realize that racism is INHERENT IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!?!? Excuses are made for every time Biden lets his mouth reveal his feelings. CRT, currently being thrust on our children, is the most extreme racism to ever enter the school system. Democrats use all available means to divide the nation.

  16. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! As Shakespeare once wrote. Times change and so do some verbs, adverbs and adjectives? When I was growing up in the 50s-60s, ‘colored’ was the go-to word. African-Americans even used the term themselves. In earlier times, ‘negro’ was appropriate, with A/Fs even using the term. Then ‘black’.(Am white and was once married to a beautiful “BLACK” woman, and that’s how she described herself). Now, African American is all the rage, but when will ‘African-American’ go out of fashion only to be replace by something else?

  17. Hidenbiden has been the most racist dumbocrap in the party,since the beginning. He can’t hide it, it comes out of that pie hole all the time,yet no one confronts him,because it’s something normal to him. He is a total embarrassment to all americans/allies, a pathetic laughing stock to all. He such a failure that no one even should listen to him, he is egotistical,narcistic,incoherant,babbling,bungling,joke, he even knows he is a total trainwreck,and mentally unfit for the office. He needs to be removed for total incompetence, and failure to do his job that he took an oath to do, a total disgrace for his office.


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