Lincoln Project Co-Founder Slams ‘Recklessly Stupid’ Stunt at Youngkin Rally

Republican candidate for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin / Photo by Glenn Youngkin via Wikimedia Commons

After Glenn Youngkin’s victory has officially sunk in, Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt is looking back on how at all went so wrong for Democrats. Schmidt recently attacked the Lincoln Project for its “recklessly stupid” idea to send a small group of protestors posing as White supremacists to a campaign event. The stunt was marked as downright pathetic after the Lincoln Project took credit in hopes of garnering more support for Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Fox News reports:

Schmidt, who resigned from the disgraced left-wing PAC’s board in February amid myriad scandals but didn’t separate himself entirely, told longtime Democratic operative Robert Shrum he was infuriated. He distanced himself from the stunt, claiming to have been largely uninvolved with the group since January.

“I learned about it on the news like everybody else and had no involvement with it and have not been involved operationally, strategically at all in the Virginia campaign or really in the day-to-day with the Lincoln Project since the Georgia special elections,” he said. “On the 1-to-10 scale of being very angry, internally I clocked in at about a 57, and I expressed my opinions internally.”

“I thought the action was recklessly stupid, it was dishonest and cheap. It is exactly the wrong way to approach the fight against a real fascist movement, against extremist elements,” he said. “It showed appalling judgment by the day-to-day leadership, management of the Lincoln Project. Somebody could have gotten beat up … could have incited violence.”

In the latest misstep for the disgraced PAC, the Lincoln Project copped to sending five tiki-torch-wielding people – one of them a Black man – to a campaign event in Charlottesville on Oct. 29 wearing white shirts and ballcaps, all claiming to be Youngkin supporters. The imagery brought back memories of the horrific events in the city in 2017, when violent clashes around a “Unite The Right” rally that included White supremacists culminated in the killing of a young woman.

Following the stunt, the Charlottesville city council slammed the Lincoln Project for the tone-deaf move.

“Tiki torches wielded by young men in white polo shirts and khakis mean one thing in Charlottesville – we are under attack,” the council wrote. “For many of our residents who confronted the Nazis and white supremacists on our streets … seeing your operatives in white polo shirts and khakis carrying (even unlit) tiki torches caused a PTSD flashback to those traumatic days.”

  1. So Steve Schmidt has stayed with The Lincoln Project through one of its founders was found to be a pedophile courtesy of his position with the group and now they are posing as white supremacists, but guess what, Steve Schmidt will still stick around until the money dries up, there is no need to have morals and standards when there is money to be had! The whole concept of a group named after Lincoln that apparently supports the opposite party of Lincoln is par for the course in DC, and the guys who founded it are probably all as messed up as the pedophile, we just don’t know what the others issues are… yet!

  2. I could care less what happens in history destroying places like charlottesville and richmond with their jungle mayors and jungle inhabitants. Once the jungle invades, the best business to be in is the moving business.

  3. So Schmidt says doing ANOTHER false flag in Charlottesville to make people think Republicans are fascists and extremists is a bad thing because he believes they are real fascists and extremists? If they are such Nazis and racists, why do the left continue to have to “craft” fake events. If they wanted their people they sent to the Youngkin rally to be considered tiki torch Nazis, then the new attorney general should treat them as such – charge them with hate crimes and everyone else involved with them and the people who sent them to the rally. This is probably why people are “distancing” themselves and saying “it’s just a joke, nothing to see here”. Also, the city council of Charlottesville is trying to cover their butts by insinuating that even though this was a false flag, what happened in Charlottesville a couple years ago (that they were involved in) was real. The new atty gen should go back and investigate that event as well. People in charge of that rally said they didn’t invite the tiki torch carriers and they were upset at them for showing up with the Confederate flags and doing the “supremists” charade. I expect that the same people behind the Youngkin false flag event were the same people behind the earlier Charlottesville false flag. Working in the federal prison system, I have had direct experience with REAL neo Nazi type groups – they are scary as shit and wouldn’t be caught dead acting like these puss actors. The real supremacists are very rare and most people are not likely to ever see one in real life outside the prison systems. They don’t go around flying Confederate flags on their trucks, wearing Carhartt ball caps and attending country music concerts. They more resemble some of the most violent Mexican gangs in the US. Also, they don’t go around looking for blacks to attack that aren’t affiliated with a rival black gang. They dislike white Jews and Catholics as much as a black Baptist preacher but would attack neither in everyday life.

  4. ‘Dog-Whistle tactics like this only work on the Low-info constituency of the Democraps like the DNC choreographed Charlottesville charade (DNC caught bussing participants into riot and the more the more sophisticated blacks are no longer responding to this political strategy). Let’s dig deeper into the Louden county school board. They’re an accessory of at least sexual harassment and rape for a ideology that the Loudon county taxpayers find atrocious and further review is likely to uncover more heinous crimes of the school board. Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln (Pedophile Inc) is missing Terry McAuliffe’s failure, telling voters that they should have no input to their child’s education. The Democraps and their education unions are being exposed and finally losing their grasp and control of the public education systems across America.

  5. “Yes. We are fighting the ‘real’ fascists by outdoing them in lying, cheating, and doing our best to steal elections.”


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