‘The View’ Host Wants to ‘Tweak’ the First and Second Amendments

Barack_Obama_guests_on_The_View.jpg: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza from Washington, DCderivative work: Bdell555, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The women of “The View” waded into dangerous territory when one host proposed “tweaking” Constitutional amendments. What began as a discussion about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent resignation and the platform’s choice to ban former President Trump quickly deteriorated into an attack on the First and Second Amendment.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Australia wants to go a step further, drafting a legal process for those feeling they have been defamed, bullied, or harassed, forcing them to hand over the identities of the accused bully to the courts. If we had a legal process like this, would it actually make people think twice about trolling or would people just find a new – a new way to troll?” Goldberg asked, but co-host Sunny Hostin appeared to see the merit of the idea.

However, guest host Jane Coaston pointed noted issues with applying a law like Australia’s here in the U.S., the first of which being Australia has no First Amendment free speech protections.

“Because Twitter is a private platform, Twitter can moderate, edit users, and the content as much as they see fit. My concern is always, like, if I’m on Twitter as I am, and I start, you know, going after somebody who is supportive of something that I find abhorrent, am I a troll? Can they get my identification?” Coaston asked, wondering whether the policy would be abused or punitive and how it would ultimately impact the broader conversation. “What about the use of language, and then it gets into a very murky area because I know, like, I remember in 2016 I got photoshopped in the gas chambers by the worst people in the entire world, and, like, I obviously at a point was, like, I would love to know where they lived and I could, you know, do a little research. I’m just thinking about, like, what does this mean for –”

Co-host Sara Haines said that she wasn’t sure there should be criminal accountability but that people should be required to identify themselves.

“You’re not reading it. You’re smart not to. When the Founding Fathers were busy with the amendments, the First and Second Amendments did not have AR-15s in there, weapons of war, and they didn’t have Twitter. So both amendments, I think they need to be tweaked a little bit,” Behar said then.

Behar’s outrageous remark seemed to even stun liberal co-host Whoopi Goldberg who quickly interjected to turn the subject as the comment seemed to rile up the others.

  1. The view… highly uninformed bunch if there ever was one, yet they feel soooo important

  2. The AR 15 has never been used, by any country on earth, as military arm, because it is simply not up to the task It was never meant to be a weapon of war, but simply a rifle that looks like one. Libs hate it simply because they think it’s ugly, but they never attack the Remington 7000 BDL as a weapon of war, nor the Browing semi auto hunting rifle because they aren’t ugly enough, even though they are much more powerful.

  3. The AR-15 is NOT a weapon of war. The AR-15 is NOT issued to any US military personnel that served or is serving in any military branch.

      1. Good satirical comment. That is the level of knowledge (I see them in the movies) about guns by most on the left.

  4. All of the weapons used by the founders were weapons of war. If not, we would have never gained our independence. The AR15 is simply a scapegoat for liberals who want to disarm citizens.

  5. Maybe we could go to the Supreme Court and ask for a permanent gag order on the View hosts and co-hosts to shut up their anti-American traitorism. Wouldn’t that be something

    1. Don’t stoop to their level, just encourage everyone you know to watch something else, perhaps get them to try FOX news even if you have to dare them to do it, it airs from 9 am to 12 noon. I was pleasantly surprised when I started watching during the great shut-in of 2020, real news with both sides of issues presented.

  6. If left up to the tyrants on the left, we would still have slavery and concentration camps for lefties to punish anyone they disagreed with. This is why we need to get them out of any leadership roles and take away any power they have.

    1. With taxes we are slaves. and our government holds us without bail in a prison without contact with family. So how do we remove them? they control the voting laws that remove our voice. revolution never ends well.———Grampa

    2. Believe me I think we will have such camps in the not so distant future. With the constitution being deemed as a dangerous document it won’t be long before Christianity is outlawed and along with the unvaxxed we will be segregated from society.

  7. In watching this piece of garbage television talk show, you are giving them credence..TURN IT OFF!!!If enough people stop watching this abomination, it will go off the air. That is the best and most effective comment you can make.

  8. They need to get rid of the TRASH on this sick show and put an end to their lies and stupidity. The country would be much better off believe me. I think theyre all RACIST.

  9. Okay, moron (Joy Behar)… lets make that change…. first action should be to shut your foul mouth – permanently. While you interpret as a means of shutting off conservative voices, you are dealing with a double edged sword that would quickly object to your biased uninformed baloney.

  10. One would think that THIS would be the type of dangerous misinformation that would be censored by our emerging propaganda media machines. Must be a bridge too far for the oligarchy hopefuls. It is disturbing that ANYONE finds this show entertaining, let alone informative.

  11. The HACKS on the view have a combined IQ of I’d say, negative 100!!! They are uninformed BIGOTS, AND LIARS!!! I know that their followers of the DICTATOR bid en and all his appointees, and they prove on a daily basis that they’re LIARS, THEY ARE TREASONOUS TRAITORS WITHOUT A SPINE, THEY ARE COWARDS THAT SMILE IN YOUR FACE AS THEY CONTINUE TO LIE!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR CONSERVATIVES TO TAKE BACK THE GOV’T IN 2022, AND IN 2024, I HOPE PRESIDENT TRUMP RUNS, AND WINS, THEN SIGNS EXECUTIVE ORDERS REVERSING THE bid en DESTRUCTIVE ACTIONS!!!

  12. Poor old Joy Behar, I keep on wondering if she’s crazy or just stupid. She hasn’t the slightest on the First Amendment, and why it’s there, and she’s intensely funny with her remarks about the Second. Poor dumb chick, she just doesn’t realize, or maybe she skipped school the day they taught about it, but yeah, they had muskets back then, because they were the newest, most modern weapons, and had already been proven as war weapons. But, if she thinks we ought to go back to muskets,exactly what the * * * * is she doing in a TV studio? They didn;t have TV either in those days .Let her write her schtick with a quill pen, and deliver it by horse.


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