Report: Biden Will Attempt to Install Build Back Better With Executive Orders

White House [Public Domain]

A regulations watchdog warned that President Biden might take extreme measures to implement his $2 trillion Build Back Better agenda. Clyde Wayne Crews, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, warned that the President may attempt to implement his agenda by issuing Executive Orders.

Newsmax reports:

“Despite all the talk we have from Biden and many Democrats about protecting democracy, progressives see themselves as experts, and progressivism itself is rooted in the rule of experts,” Crews told the Examiner.

“It looks like Biden’s not getting his Build Back Better Act at the moment, but take it from me, they’ll be using the occasion to say, ‘Well, hell, we can do this just using the infrastructure legislation and other precedence and act without Congress,’ bringing back the infamous pen and phone.”

Over the weekend, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin revealed he would not vote “yes” to the President’s agenda.

However, an executive order doesn’t carry the same weight as a law and a future president can easily repeal them.

“Democracy is actually a barrier to their goals, so any thread they can use to institute policies from the Build Back Better program, which is primarily aimed at getting able-bodied adults hooked on government programs, they will do so,” Crews told the Examiner.

“Just as you saw Biden and his press secretary claim that a 50-year-old law gave them the right to mandate vaccines, you will see them do similar grabs and reaches from Obamacare, from the Education Department and its programs, from Social Security and Medicare to advance elements of what they call Build Back Better and other progressive passions.”

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