Former Representative Rejects Trump’s Push to Challenge Democrat Governor

White House [Public Domain]

Despite Donald Trump’s remaining power over the Republican Party it wasn’t enough to convince a former representative to come out of retirement to challenge Wisconsin’s Democrat governor. Despite former President Trump’s push for former Congressman Sean Duffy to challenge Gov. Tony Evers the Republican has opted not to jump into the race.

The Hill reports:

“Hopefully I’m not riding off into the sunset,” Duffy said Thursday on 1130 WISN, the talk radio station. “I’m just running into the sunset right now. If an opportunity presents itself, I’d like to come back and partake in Wisconsin politics.”

His exit is a boon to former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch (R), the first major Republican to enter the race against Evers. Kleefisch on Wednesday launched her first advertisement of the contest, an advertisement spotlighting school closures in Milwaukee and Madison in the face of growing coronavirus case numbers.

Kleefisch may not have a clean run at the Republican nomination: Businessman Kevin Nicholson (R), who ran for a U.S. Senate seat in 2018, is considering entering the race and has run advertisements in recent months that appear to be the first forays into a statewide campaign.

Evers and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes (D) defeated former Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Kleefisch by about 1 percentage point, or just under 30,000 votes, in 2018. The incumbent is expected to face a tough battle for re-election in a state that has emerged as a key battleground in recent years; President Biden carried the state’s electoral votes by just 20,000 votes, or about six tenths of a percentage point, in 2020.

Duffy served five terms in Congress before retiring in 2019.

  1. Biden won?! No, it cheated and they have proof!!! That lowlife that’s in there now needs to resign, he’s done nothing for that state and needs to go!!!!

  2. The truth who won coming out slow but it is just what we all have known all along. Donald John Trump is our President. Time kick that planted street bum of lying sack of crap Joe Biden put of our White House, then remove all the evil that’s floating around and start repairing America

  3. Maybe Duffy just believes that Wisconsin is hopeless, since it didn’t even support President Trump over the hapless Biden.

  4. Evers has run wisconsin into the ground just like he ran the school system into the ground, and u still vote for this incompetent loser.All these dumbocraps are the same, totally,lying,incompetent, politicians who do nothing but screw over their citizens, for illegals, because they know their losing the middleclass/poor voters, for there pathetic policies that don’t ever work.

  5. Until we stop allowing these tyrants to dictate outcomes. Nothing will change. Courage is what we need. Stand up for what is right. I am a conservative. I don’t want violence. But I can’t live with tyranny. You either live by lies. Or you stand up. U choose.

  6. I agree with one of the comments, Biden won Wisconsin? Sure, and I can fly on my own steam. Biden DID NOT WIN THE PRESIDENCY, HE STOLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it and so does everyone who believes America has fair elections. The 2020 Presidential Election was a grand scale coup by the Communist Democratic party, the crooked fake communist media, the CCP and those with money to buy and influence elections, i.e. Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc.


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