Report: 76% of Americans Want Biden to Consider ‘All Nominees’ in Supreme Court Pick

Joe Ravi via Wikimedia Commons

According to a recent ABC News-Ipsos poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans want President Biden to consider Supreme Court nominees regardless of race and gender.

Background: Last week, liberal-leaning Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden pledged to nominate a Black woman to the bench if he had the opportunity during his term.

Biden made the pledge shortly after President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the bench following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

What Happened: A poll by ABC News-Ipsos revealed that 76% of Americans want Biden to consider “all nominees” to the Supreme Court, not only Black women.

What Democrats Say: According to the poll, 54% supported considering all nominees.

Only 23% wanted Biden to only consider nominating Black women to the Supreme Court.

What Republicans Say: Republicans have accused Biden of playing identity politics in regard to his Supreme Court justice pick. Lawmakers say that Biden’s pledge to only consider Black women only serves to politicize the Supreme Court.

“It adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution like Congress when it is not supposed to be,” Sen. Susan Collins said. (per Fox News)

    1. Know what would cut thru all the BULL?… Make them sign a pledge to follow the literal meaning of the constitution or resign immediately. It will be the quickest confirmation hearing in the history of this country!

    1. Black, white ,green, purple …. the ONLY candidate should be the best qualified !
      Skru Biden he is a FRAUD !

      ” F J B ” he was not elected to anything … he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD !    It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election !    Here are his exact words …“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”– Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

      1. I remember his saying that !!!!! And thought man, what an odd thing to say but we sure found out in a flash what he was referring too, eh ?

  1. How can you tell who will be the best nominee?
    Party affiliation?
    Skin tone?
    Sexual orientation?
    Political donations?

    1. Albert one could start with a person’s honesty, his empathy for others, none of the ones you mentioned does not make for a good candidate for squat…….what about his desire to help others who are in need ? This is a long list The ones on the list above ? Are not things one should consider at all…..cause they will wind you up in the gutter and leave the GOOD candidates by the way side while giving us choices like we have right now.

  2. Biden has to buy votes! He surely hasn’t earned any! He is catering to the black population! Notice how the TV shows are all black now? Commercials? BLM not being charged for any of the destruction they caused? Even the three hundred pound black guy that shoots and kills an unarmed white woman never charged! Fact they are trying to make a hero out of that murderer ! Now only Black women????? And claim he is not a RACIST! Democrats are really shallow people! And really obvious!

  3. What the American people think doesn’t matter to Biden. He won’t listen. He never has. He never will. He’s an egocentric demagogue interested in promoting only that which he believes (rightly or wrongly) promotes his own self-interest. He has demonstrated throughout his political career that he will ignore the national interest for his own self-aggrandizement, whatever the harm to the nation or its citizens.

  4. Nominees to the Supreme Court or any court for that matter should be picked on qualification, not race, gender, etc. FJB!

    1. The first thing is that they be American then believe in our constitution makes no difference what their race is do t need anymore gays or other odd balls

  5. The Democrats need that Black vote. They’ve done nothing for the black community whatsoever, and think that by nominations they’ll secure their vote. Pathetic racists looking to undermine the legal system, while feigning being patriotic. Nice try Brandon.

    1. Our citizens of color do not need him !!!! What has he really ever done for them? One day their best friend and the next making racial slurrs, laughing behind their backs so much it would anger the Pope !!! Two faced that one !!

  6. Where did my comment go? Is this a Democratic terrorist site? I DID post one! I think I will report this!

  7. from the over 100,000 voters in Wisconsin over the age of 124 years old! A state that Joe Biden won by only 23,000 votes to the 125,000 dead voters in Arizona and the piles of video evidence of illegal ballot harvesting in Georgia and Pennsylvania! How come the US Supreme Court REFUSES to do their JOB and unseat the thief in chief Joe Biden? They stated when Trump was still in office that they refuse to look at the election because they did not feel that there was enough evidence to sway the Election! Even though they refused to look at any evidence that Trump had to show them about the 2020 STEAL! Joe Biden hit every state with every possible way to steal at an election! He needs to be forcibly removed and executed for Treason!

    1. HOW much more evidence do they need to AT LEAST HEAR THE CASES ? How many more people need to come forth and swear to the graft, greed and fraud they saw during our last election ? How many more videos do they need to see THAT AT LEAST CASTS DOUBT ON THE HONESTY IN THE ELECTION? Part of the reason its considered not worth being heard is that fact that the court will not see what that many of us are not too blind to at lest look at ? And we wonder why things have gone so wrong in such a short period of time ? If the highest court in our land does not answer when called to look at and make an honest judgment but only gives us lame refusals and and suggest it not important enough to at least give an honest ruling on what happened ?!! Makes us think the Court is in cohoots with the wrong doers. We will never have another honest election in our lifetimes…….

      1. How many Trump appointed judges have refused to hear the cases?
        What about Trump’s Supreme Court?
        Why are they ignoring him?
        Do think he is like Nixon, a crook?

    2. Where are the voter fraud indictments.
      Trump had three months top arrest them.
      Is a Trump a weak puke?
      A little baby who gets his votes stolen.

  8. ALL BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE INSULTED THAT HE SAID IT from the beginning, and double insulated that he’s pretty serious about it.
    This administration only cares about checking boxes with unqualified people and playing the race card. Any wonder this country is so devided???

  9. To only consider the race for a nominee is RACIST, racism in the name of diversity is still RACIST……..Calling it anything else is just putting lipstick on a pig.

  10. Well, once again Biden proves what a racist he is. He sees people and evaluates them based on their skin color. That is the pure definition of RACISM. The vast majority of Americans don’t care what skin color a person has. They want competency and intelligence. Biden will NEVER understand because he IS a closet racist. Oh, and most blacks know it.

  11. We’ve seen how his last pledge to have a “Black” woman VP has worked out….A DUD!
    Biden-(More likely his handlers) hasn’t the mental acuity to order breakfast, much less to put someone on the SCOTUS!

    1. How many of the people who voted for Biden thinks she is a dud.
      Is she more of a dud than her predecessor.
      The man who handed Biden the Presidency?


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