Trump Calls for DirectTV Boycott Over OAN Removal

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Former President Trump is demanding his followers boycott DirectTV over the company’s plan to drop One America News Network (OAN). During the 2020 election cycle, then-President Trump repeatedly praised OAN for its reporting while bashing Fox News.

The Hill reports:

“If AT&T/DirecTV cancels OAN, I hope that everyone will boycott and cancel DirecTV,” Trump said in a statement issued on Tuesday. “It is a very popular channel, far more popular than most would understand, and they are being treated horribly by the Radical Left lunatics running the networks.

Trump accused DirectTV of intentionally trying to prevent the network from growing and gaining a larger audience.

“Don’t let it happen, cancel DirecTV,” the former president said. “If you feel infringed by what this Communist movement is doing, cancel DirecTV!”

Last month, DirecTV, which is owned by AT&T Inc. and TPG Inc., notified Herring Networks Inc., which owns and operates OAN, that it would not renew its contract to broadcast the network. OAN’s current contract with DirecTV is reportedly set to expire in April.

DirecTV is OAN’s largest distributor, with the vast majority of its revenues reportedly coming from its current deal. Other cable providers like Verizon Fios and smaller carries have kept OAN, and it is available to stream online through KloudTV.

Republicans have cited DirecTV’s decision as evidence of what they say is corporate America and Big Tech’s efforts to suppress Trump supporters and conservatives.

  1. It’s almost funny. Go ahead and bash Trump. You just end up getting it in the rear with no lube. He’s way more popular than the left wants you to believe.

  2. I don’t use Direct TV and now I won’t even consider it.

    We have 6 mobile numbers with AT&T and will now consider moving to another carrier.

    Two bad, have been with AT&T forever.

    1. We had FIOS for internet, landline, cable and cell phones. Dropped them and went to Spectrum, got new cell phones, with unlimited data and text and pay over $100 less than we did with AT&T. Personally, I boycott any company that even advertises on the major TV networks, that limit what I see, and hear. Screw them!

  3. Dumped direct tv shortly after at&t took them over. Customer service stinks and they kept raising their prices to the point it really wasn’t worth it. Have absolutely no dealings with AT&T any more.

  4. Direct TV is almost gone – wont be too long now they are sealing their own fate -I will never consider direct TV

  5. Once again I am being asked to boycott a company I haven’t used in over 2 decades.
    I always miss out on all the fun.
    Now if he had asked me to boycott AT&T. Oh. Wait. Same problem.
    Someone needs to come up with a boycott I can join in on,
    I know. Hillary. Joe. Nancy. OH, Well. I am still missing all the fun.

  6. i dropped the devil-tv for three years now. i don’t even subscribe to any news that I have no control over or turn off the tv. the best decision ever saved a bundle of $$$


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