Trump Responds to Allegations He Intentionally Flushed White House Documents

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The liberal news is reaching new lows trying to slander former President Trump. The newest anti-Trump narrative being pushed by the liberal media alleges the former President routinely clogged White House toilets by flushing documents.

On Thursday, Trump responded to the claims calling them fake and a low-budget way to get publicity for a new book.

Fox News reports:

“Another fake story, that I flushed papers and documents down a White House toilet, is categorically untrue and simply made up by a reporter in order to get publicity for a mostly fictitious book,” Trump said in a statement.

CNN devoted its morning to covering the “breaking news” surrounding Trump’s White House toilet scandal. The story comes from New York Times reporter and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman’s upcoming book.

“We are beginning with breaking news. Staff members at the White House residence discovered wads of printed paper in a clogged toilet on more than one occasion during the Trump administration and believe that it was the former president himself who was trying to flush documents,” CNN’s Brianna Keilar said to open the 8 a.m. hour of “New Day.”

“I learned that staff in the White House residence would periodicaly find the toilet clogged, the engineer would have to come and fix it and what the engineer would generally find would be wads of, you know, wet, printed paper … Meaning it was not toilet paper, this was either notes or some other piece of paper that they believed he had thrown down the toilet,” Haberman told CNN viewers.

“What it could be, Brianna, could be anybody’s guess. It could be post-its, it could be notes to himself, it could be other things,” Haberman added. “It certainly does add, as you said another dimension to what we know about how he handled material in the White House.”

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      1. Correction Biden lost by the biggest margin in living World History He scrapped together about 10% And China and Vatican and London and other parties committed high treason by aiding the vegetable to cheat. He couldn’t put a sentence together or remember which was his wife and which was his sister

  1. Of course they r going to jump on anything they can about trump, they r nothing without him. Can only hope the same fate for msnbc. They’re both beyond pathetic

    1. Mainstream media that’s licensed by the FCC can’t lie. Try watching the networks and get the facts since their news departments can’t lie to the public or their affiliates will lose their license to broadcast. It’s in the Federal Communications Act of 1934. It’s their requirement to “Broadcast In The Public Interest”. Google it.

      1. Boy do you live in a dream world. They may not tell an out and out lie but they will only tell half the truth or not report at all. To me that is a lie. Why do you think CNN & MSNBC are falling like a rock if they are reporting the news accurately?

      2. Wrong. The mainstream CAN lie. Its protected by the first amendment. In the FCC rules, you can say anything you want… long as it doesn’t incite public violence. You need to actually read it yourself sir. We tried to sue the media. Because of this, over their complete misrepresentation of the riots in Seattle, LA. Minneapolis etc.
        by the way, the last impeachment hearing, actually exposed rhe media. In the senate court hearing, the lawyers for Trump actually showed jow the media did this. They put it on a large TV, split the screen , and showed the C-span,( not usually on public (free) TV. Then they showed CNN.
        CNN had edited out almost three minutes of the Charlottesville speach, and projected it as “live”. In that speach, Trump had said, and i quote: “ those racist, white supremacist groups, the aryian nation, and all other hate groups, should be condemned to hell”. CNN left all that out.
        So, how do you feel, about recieving only half of the real news from CNN,( Constant Nonsense News)?

  2. CNN is nothing more that anti-American terrorists with nothing but hate in their hearts if they even have hearts! They all need to be arrested and imprisoned for life at GITMO!

    1. Mainstream media that’s licensed by the FCC can’t lie. Try watching the networks and get the facts since their news departments can’t lie to the public or their affiliates will lose their license to broadcast. It’s in the Federal Communications Act of 1934. It’s their requirement to “Broadcast In The Public Interest”. Google it.

  3. CLOGGED TOILETS?? Way to go CNN!! You win the prize for the most asinine, moronic lie of the year. CNN…do you really think we are so stupid we would believe that BS?? Everybody knows if you want to get rid of paper…you burn it. DUH!!!

      1. No, they didnt. Think about it. Have you ever had a plumber fix your clogged toilet? That machine will destroy any paper, and tear it up into shreds, and then it goes down, into the sewer. Unless you have a sump to catch the crap.
        Only a truly viscious, hateful, TDS driven idiot, would think this is real/true. By the way, when was the last time, that any of the media “got it right”? CNN has the MOST retractions in Broadcast history. Now, look THAT up!

  4. This kinda thing is exactly what worries me.
    President Trump is living rent free in these idiot’s minds. Every single day, the liberal media has a story about him. Since CNN took full credit for making sure Trump wouldn’t win, I’m sure this is their strategy to win back viewership.
    I’m beyond sick of all this krappola.

    1. Mainstream media that’s licensed by the FCC can’t lie. Try watching the networks and get the facts since their news departments can’t lie to the public or their affiliates will lose their license to broadcast. It’s in the Federal Communications Act of 1934. It’s their requirement to “Broadcast In The Public Interest”. Google it.

  5. Come on no one believes both one party cnn or msnbc, now joined by other left wing propaganda one party Soviet style media outlets which are 98% of all the news we get. Whom are these sacks of crap, from abc, nbc, nbc, cbs, and cspan. All poop everyday, just pure crap with lies, cover ups, and protecting the criminals in the Global Socialist Democratic Party of treasonous, murdering by negligence on the open borders, join by the one party goons in the federal cabinet positions and agencies. Everyday I ask God almighty how could such pure evil rule us illegally, and threaten us daily. This evil running America uses their personal corrupt capital police goons, a political and their weaponized personal weapons, FBI. These two law enforcement agencies gone sour, cannot come near the real heroes, those we worship and love, in state, county, city, municipal police departments who actually work to protect us the innocent from harm, and the communist armies of the Democratic Party, their BLM and Antifa communist savages.These two groups murdering cop killers were protected by the media stations of the left. These armies of terror, are tools of the illegally elected party running this nation into total destruction as planned.

  6. Look, my friends, American or Democrat: How stupid does one have to be–to even consider that a 21st Century American President, with the technical means and authority to shred, burn, melt, dissolve, bury or 1,000 different and undetectable means to destroy bales and bales of paper…would flush one down the toilet?

    One would have to be a TDS-impaired loon to believe such a snipe hunt.

    The real story here is not about whether the President (not the current ACTING president) flushed or did not flush. The real story is–again–the Democrat Media. Nothing you hear from it, I mean nothing, is believable. Woof Blister could report that the sun would rise tomorrow. I would go out and buy flashlight batteries.

    The Democrat Media has enabled our enemies, both foreign and domestic, at every turn. It is the enemy of truth, justice and America. Stick with FNC, Newsmax, talk radio, your reliable online news feeds and blogs, and your brain. If you watch these: ABC, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or any of their affiliates, if you read the NYT, LAT…oh hell, any of the Leftist print version of Democrat Media Propoganda, do it with a block of salt on your lap. Indulge in it to keep up with what the enemy is up to. But don’t believe any of it or its insinuations.

    And, by all means, VOTE NOT DEMOCRAT.

      1. Hey Tonge…prove they found documents Trump flushed down a toilet!!!! You can’t! Does sound like something ole demented Joe would do tho. Ole corrupt Joe doesn’t know where he is or what he is to do next! If Joe wasn’t so destructive it would be funny!

    1. How come CNN is coming out with this story now…nothing flushed would be legible, so no way to know what it was….that is if you believe CNN and this new lie!!!!!

  7. CNN needs a true story! Nancy Pelosi ripped and destroyed one of the best state of the union speeches addresses ever presented on national TV. Go pound sand cnn

  8. Let’s c Hillary destroyed 33000 emails and had classified documents on her private server and nothing happen which is 🐂 shit cause most people would be in prison. What a bunch of dumbass!

  9. Does that guy think these papers come from a typewriter where there is only one copy in existence? Follow the science, everything is backed up and only printed when it has to be.

  10. Won’t be sad when CNN is eventually flushed down the drain, along with their no-talent
    staff and pedophiles, gay aggressors with pending law suits, sick relatives to political big names who helped cover up their relatives misdoings, etc, etc/////lot’s of sick puppies there!

  11. CNN is a mess. Their CEO had to resign, they have a bunch of incompetent news reporters and their viewership is at an ALL TIME LOW!

    Go figure.

  12. You can’t flush printing paper in a toilet today, with the way they are built and the amount of water to just flush after using, it won’t flush. It’s a government code to save water! This is another attack on Trump,

  13. They are trying to get rid of President Trump because they know he’s the real president! You don’t try to impeach a civilian unless he’s the president! Well President Trump will be put back in office and they all know it and are running scared!!!

  14. Media is pathetic. It was with great pride and co operation that President Trump handed over mementos, photos, letters etc., to go on display in a Museum. He worked with them in selecting these items. DEMONIRATS should go fish in the sewers. Thats where rats are most comfortable


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