Meet the Anti-Trump Republicans Trying to Counter CPAC

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Grooming an Anti-Trump GOP Candidate 

White House Flickr

A major part of the  Anti-Trump CPAC is trying to find a suitable candidate that the anti-Trump coalition thinks can win a presidential election in 2024. Among the top choices for this group are Liz Cheney and Republican Governor Larry Hogan. 

    1. From what I have read about wars and conflicts, the enemy will always look for ways to infiltrate its apponent. Become part or friendly to gain access to ideas and ways to dismantle a party and even a country.. I believe that is what has happened to America too.

  1. Be sure and vote these good for nothing’s OUT OUT !! Trouble makers unfit for having
    any control over us period!!!!! They should become domo’s their true selves!!! There are
    just trying to be relevant but they are NOT except in their own MIND !!!!!

    1. They are relevant to the majority of Americans.
      Trump has relevancy issues.
      The person that Trump appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff won’t take his phone calls.

  2. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Imagine that? Biggest RINO’s in the Republican Party, and those who wanted to stop Trump’s 2020 win, are going to get together and form a clique. Too bad only the NWO sycophants will attend. Perhaps an earthquake will stop their smugness and their tyranny.

  3. Changing parties is too easy. Makes them look like they were disguised democrats. By staying Republicans, democrats can point out that even within their own party there are disagreement. That is exactly what is going on with demonrats. 30 of their own party decided not to run for reelection. And there are probably more democrats that do not agree with Biden, but do not have the guts to speak up or get out. Thanks to Manchin and Sinema they did what was right for America.

  4. With every one of your stories, why do you not just lay out your information simply and clearly? Why does the reader have to click for each little bit of info. Are control freaks or reporters? It is ridiculous how long it takes to get your point across – time most of us don’t have. You are on the edge of being not worth the effort.


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