Putin Trashes Biden After He’s Called a ‘War Criminal’

Russian Presidential Press and Information Office via Wikimedia Commons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not take too kindly Joe Biden calling him a“war criminal.” The Russian leader jabbed back at Biden, mocking him for his “irritability, fatigue and forgetfulness.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Top Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia sees and hears the statement that Biden made, and considers it a “personal insult” to Putin, but won’t take the accusation seriously, according to Russia media outlet TASS.

“Bearing in mind Mr. Biden’s irritability, fatigue and forgetfulness, which eventually results in aggressive statements, we will possibly prefer to refrain from making any strong comments so as not to trigger more aggression,” Peskov continued.

Biden called Putin a “war criminal” Wednesday for invading Ukraine in response to Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich’s question.

He then said Putin was a “murderous dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of Ukraine,” while speaking at the Friends of Ireland Luncheon on St. Patrick’s Day at Capitol Hill on Thursday.

  1. I can’t argue with a guy that trashes Biden, not even Putin.
    Biden is a dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of America.

    1. It is even more disgusting to quote the words of the impostor in chief who infests the white house and is dragging the USA to its knees with his idiotic policies with the help of his crack head child.

    1. Putin is saving humanity. If yuo only knew what they found in Ukraine The People were tortured and used in medical experiments, by their own Government which is run by the Khazerian Nazis Putin has so far rescued 5000 little children from these monsters, and they were planning mass genocide. So far they discovered 32 labs building harmful pathogens designed to leave no humans alive. And under Chernobyl a drone picked up extreme heat, Ukraine was building Nuclear warfare. When he found out, he contacted the Pentagon and told them. Seeing as Biden (the fake one) doesnt hold the keys to nuclear as he is not the real President , Pentagon told Putin to go ahead and remove the harm. Special forces went in as you have to be very careful not to release any pathogens . Only the Commander in Chief has the nuclear Codes and that is Prescient Trump Thank God. The people are so happy that Russian Soldiers are protecting them and even feeding the pets and playing with them They are using Crisis actors and old footage of previous wars to scare the people. Media are traitors

  2. Good response from Putin’s side. Nobody in their right mind takes Biden seriously! He is a demented idiot who has made our great country the laughing stock of the world!

  3. No one in their right mind takes demented Biden seriously! He is an idiot who is destroying this great country. Biden is the laughing stock of the rest of the world!

  4. No one in their right mind takes demented Biden seriously! He is an idiot who is destroying this great country. Biden is the laughing stock of the rest of the world!

  5. Biden is a joke and Putin is correct to take anything Biden says with a grain of salt because Biden has no idea of what he is trying to say. He’s pure idiot.

  6. The Problem with Biden is that you can not fix stupid! Biden is stupid he has no brain, if he did have a brain, he would have crushed Putin. What to do to Russia; sink all Russian ships, destroy all Russian war planes, destroy all Russian tanks and armored vehicles, destroy all Russian submarines. Destroy all Russian missles and bombs, destroy all Russian military bases and munitions factorys. Round up Putin and all his generals and colabarators and judge them in the Hague then execute them. Make Russia pay for all the damage done to Ukrane and its citizens.

  7. Putin. You ARE a war criminal. There is no denying this fact. Consequently, you are going to die by execution. No way will you prevent justice.

  8. Yes, the real Biden would be called a murderous traitor but seeing as this is just an Actor playing Biden and the original is 6ft under????? No Its Biden who is the Pedophile, bad tempered ignoramous who only climbed up the Political ladder by abiding by Freemason rules i.e.: Organized his first wife Nealas death and little daughter. He also organized the death of Hunters first wife and baby. Many believe Hunter left the 2 laptops at a shop on purpose as revenge. Money laundering, quid pro quo, treason with Ukraine and China and Iran, owning an island or Islands near Little St. James for child trafficking Ugh the man was a monster dimwitted too

  9. Actually the opposite is correct Putin is liberating the people of Ukraine from the Khazerian Nazi mafia who have been terrorizing the people for decades and robbing the Country blind and Ukraine became the Cabals Cash Cow They were using Ukrainians in Medical experiments, stealing Women for sex slaves of the Oligarchs and children for Pedophilia Apart from that , the Cabal were building Bio labs and Nuclear in Ukraine (Funded by Americans?)


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