White House Defends Biden Nominee Who Aided Sex Offenders

White House Flickr

In a defensive move, Joe Biden’s White House shot back at Republicans who criticized his Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, over her rulings that lowered sentences for pedophiles and sex offenders. The White House claimed the criticisms were “disingenuous attacks” on the jurist.

The Hill reports:

“After weeks of trying hard to find some way to attack Judge Jackson — first saying she was an affirmative action pick, then saying she was the product of dark money, then saying she would be suspect because she was a public defender — a group of far-right Republican senators … have launched a last-ditch, eve-of-hearing desperation attack on her record on sentencing in sexual offense cases,” press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing with reporters.

Psaki was asked specifically about criticism from Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), who said a pattern of what he called lax sentencing in several child pornography cases has raised red flags about her nomination. Hawley cited 10 cases where Jackson sentenced child pornography offenders to sentences more lenient than federal guidelines.

Hawley said “for sure” he would press Jackson about this part of her judicial record and that “all the offices” of Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have been in touch on the issue.

Psaki said the specific attack on Jackson “relies on factual inaccuracies and taking Judge Jackson’s record wildly out of context.”

“We hope that those who are taking this process seriously, or state that they are taking this process seriously, will also look to the facts and not disingenuous attacks,” claimed Psaki.

  1. Today’s Democrats are nothing but evil, worthless scum. I have no doubt this woman intentionally reduced the sentences of these perverts to advance the leftist goals of undercutting all traditional values held by decent people in this country. We must stand up to the lies and deception they put forth to advance their satanic agenda.

  2. There is nothing disingenuous about child porn. Do not allow this pervert in the cabinet. We have enough in there already.

  3. Lowering sentences for people who aid sex offenders isn’t acceptable and shouldn’t be a way to be relieved of an offence! A woman who chose to aid sex offenders wasn’t doing her country any favours! Aiding sex offenders isn’t an acceptable response from a person who aids sex offenders! The sex offenders must, like all others, be taken to court where whatever happened can be dealt with

  4. What else do you expect from this so called administration,,,look at every cabinet member and appointee and tell me that if you wanted a clown shown with ineptitude and no skills ,corruption etc, you have the best group of these people from the border to medical fields etc,,,sad ,,sad,,,November come soon,,get ready dems we know you are going to try to rig and steal the election again,, bring it on,,,

  5. Are my ears deceiving me??? Democrats complaining about Supreme Court nominees being unfairly attacked? Have they contracted amnesia about the way they mugged Brett Kavanaugh, in front of his wife and kids? Have they forgotten the shameful way Amy Coney Barrett was persecuted for her religious beliefs? What a bunch of self-righteous phonies. The Democrats who perpetrated the completely phony Russia Collusion Hoax, and interfered with President Trump’s pro-America administration, for its entire duration? I’m wondering why all parties, From Hillary Clinton right down the line (i.e. all Democrat co-conspirators are not, right now, sitting in prison.

  6. When will Jen Psaki get tired of defending the wrong and in doing so damaging any credibility she will ever have?


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