CNN Changes Tune on Hunter Biden, Admits there is ‘Realistic Chance’ He’s Indicted

Center for Strategic and International Studies via Flickr

After trying to sweep reports regarding Hunter Biden’s various scandals under the rug CNN can’t keep quiet anymore. It seems that since Trump is no longer in the White House liberal media is finally ready to admit the legitimate concerns regarding Hunter Biden, specifically his foreign business dealings.

Top CNN legal analyst Elie Honig admitted it’s likely Biden will be indicted by the U.S. government.

The Hill reports:

“This is a very real, very substantial investigation of potentially serious federal crimes,” Elie Honig said Wednesday morning on the network. “We are seeing federal prosecutors in Delaware do exactly what you would expect to see federal prosecutors do in this situation.”

During the 2020 election when Hunter’s laptop and suspicious business dealings were first uncovered Donald Trump repeatedly accused the media of intentionally ignoring the story.

Many media outlets have through independent fact-checking shot down some of Trump’s various claims of corruption against the Bidens. Yet The Washington Post this week published a 3,000-word investigative report confirming key details of Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China.

The Justice Department is reportedly continuing to look into potential illegal lobbying allegations against a consulting firm tied to Ukrainian energy company Burisma, on whose board Hunter Biden once sat.

“There is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges,” Honig said. “Of course, then we’d be in unprecedented political territory — not legal territory but a situation of having potentially the Department of Justice prosecuting and trying to imprison the son of the president.”

    1. KNOW for sure ole daddy will set him free! These people have been rotten to the core, Money talks and thats all they care about!

    2. Neither factor is valid. Any person, maybe except someone with diplomatic immunity, is subject to punishment if convicted. But, i’d guess that Joe will pardon him, or something equivalent. You know, the two-tier justice system.

    1. Go after Biden and some of the other top Democrats at the same time. Why wait? Get them all to squeal on each other!

      1. Our chicken shit No Justice Dept won’t do shit to these corrupt assholes… Just think if it was Donald Trump Jr. and Trump was President which he should be .. not this fraud corrupt bastard we got now.. Go get the Big Guy too .. we all know he’s complicite. Follow the money trail

    2. The whole Biden family are crooks, the brother of Biden, the sister and of course The Big Guy (Joe) got his share as Obama’s V. P.

  1. This site “moderates”. Be careful what you say. You might offend a thin-skinned moderator.

    1. They moderate every word I say. If I told them it was a lovely morning and I loved them to bits, they would tell me to wait to see if my words were worthy of printing. Good grief.

    2. Yep, they’re doing it again~~ ! Awaiting for approval…. I wonder who is worthy to approve or disapprove me.

    3. ]They always moderate my comments which are not as hash as others here. guess depends on who is modeating behind the curtain. It zux

  2. The Big Guy is Joe Biden who gets 10%! And Hunter Biden pays Joe AND Jill Biden’s bills! The worst President USA has ever had – Joe Biden is also Trojan Horse for the crazy Left

  3. After the NY Post report, what was apparent to anyone with common sense in October 2020, has now mysteriously found its way into the astute liberal mind and press…latent curiosity anyone? And since the Biden administration has performed so poorly since regular Joe was “elected,” I believe the aggregate Leftist elite have chosen to have Hunter and the complicit Biden family serve as tidy sacrificial offerings in anticipation of the 2022 GOP mid-term shellacking, and likely the 2024 Presidential election. Unless, of course, Democrats find new and innovative ways to bypass election integrity.

  4. Bidens are corrupt and have stolen millions from our government and tax payers! they all belong in Gitmo with Obama and his deep state chaos crew led by soros!

  5. It appears almost everyone in Congress has some sort of corruption or “shady business” going on. They ALL need to be investigated. Remember, they are backed by the wealthy and probably do some favors in return for donations. Donations should be anonymous. This way there is are no favors to high money donors. Then watch those donations diminish.

  6. I expect Hunter to run to some place where they can’t find him. They are giving him enough time to make those arrangements and transfer money. He should’ve been in jail years ago.

  7. the Resident China Joe is just as guilty as Crackpipe Hunter and actually more guilty ..if they are not jailed for treason then there is no justice and the Feds are a joke

  8. LMAO! They will look and look and find nothing! The corrupt FBI has already claimed they lost his laptop ! And a copy won’t be able to be used! Even if these losers ever charged him Biden would pardon him before it ever went to any thing resembling a trial! This will be another WELL WE TRIRD AND FAILED! Send more money! And the brainwashed will!

  9. don’t hold your breath. he may just get a slap on the hand, like that old hag HRC for all the crimes she and her Billy Bob committed. remember, there are 2 different justice systems. one for the elites and one for the peons. you and I would go to jail for life if we were found guilty of the crimes committed by the Washington, DC swamp.

  10. Hunter may not like the publicity, but he is assured of a full Pardon by his daddy.
    After all, doesn’t the big guy get 10%?

  11. In today’s world that means CNN knows he is getting indicted and wants to look like they called it ahead of time. These are the same people that knowingly lied and claimed the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation when all they had to do was investigate it and they would have known the truth, but of course they chose not to.


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