These States Just Sued Biden Over Biden’s Travel Mask Mandate

Flyers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport wearing facemasks on March 6th, 2020 as the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads throughout the United States via Wikimedia Commons

Several states have joined together to sue the Biden Administration over mask mandates in transportation. 

This lawsuit comes after many states have already lifted mandates and put an end to the Covid-19 policies. This lawsuit also comes at a time when the Biden administration appears to be attempting to ramp up the restrictions once again. 

Here are the states taking on the Biden administration: 

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  1. The Republicans need to win the Mid-Terms and divest the Party of RINOs and Democrat Moles and pull the party back further center right. They then need to marginalize the Democrat Crime Organization and put an end to the Marxist Agenda going on here. If not I fear this nation will fracture into separate nations worse than in 1861.

  2. It is high time for everything to get back to normal. It includes traveling without masks.
    Even the airlines want this to happen.


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