The Washington Post Just Revealed Its Top 10 Democrat Hopefuls for 2024

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore flickr.

The Washington Post published an article titled, “The top 10 Democratic presidential candidates for 2024, ranked.”

The ranked list of politicians boasts some of the most progressive and downright radical faces in Congress and the Biden administration with each individual being more incompetent than the next.

These are the 10 Democrats vying for the 2024 Presidential nomination:

  1. This explains why both Trump and DeSantis are way ahead in the polls that count – off shore gambling where you are allowed to bet on US politics. 14 months ago, Harris was considered the best bet at 3:1 over Biden and Trump. She is now 30:1 below Trump, DeSantis, Pete Butt…, and even Biden.

    1. Don’t forget “STUPID”. There isn’t a more clueless bunch of humans on the planet than the Dumbocrats. I think they’re much more stupid than they are evil. The fact that they’re stupid allows them to be easily manipulated by the truly evil people (Soros, etc.).

  2. Amazing, the Washington Compost couldn’t have picked more Left Leaning and potentially damaging candidates for 2024….Obviously the WCP cares nothing for the USA, but want’s the DemocRATs in power….Ask yourself why…and that’s your answer to both the WCP & the DemocRATs…POWER, but NOT to the PEOPLE!!!!!

  3. Surely this list is intended as a joke. Not a one would make a reasonable candidate in a Country fed up with a bad economy and wokeness, led by a Democrat.

  4. If this list of demon-rats (aka traitors, murderers, thieves, pedophiles, money launderers and more) win the next presidential election, then all hope is lost for this nation. Their ‘possible’ win – this next time not by fake ballots and raising the dead to sign the fake ballots) should cause every freedom loving American to increase the sales of guns and ammo for defense of our nation. It will take TRUMP AND TEAM and all of us patriots working together to rid this nation of these scum. Hang em high!

    1. AMEN to people who are willing to fight for our freedom! They are SCUM and people who think otherwise are as bad as they are!GOD BLESS THOSE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID OF FIGHTING AGAINST GOVERNMENT CONTROL! WE WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED AND WILL CONTINUE THE FIGHT!!!!

  5. What a sad line up. None of these has beens can beat Trump, or whoever is the nominee. There all in the clown show already, and all we have got is one crisis after another, we have had enough comedy with empty,suit,puppet,joe, pretending to be president,something he isn’t. He will be 25th’d very soon for his total incompetence,even his own party knows he isn’t fit for the job,and want him gone.

  6. ALL of the top contenders for a 04 election are all going to be elected to prison and never get the chance to contend. Besides, there is NOT going to be a 2024 election. I feel it in my bones. Trump comes back and changes everything for the better. NO election!

  7. This dumbocraptic braintrust is all the reason to implement TERM LIMITS.
    Chimps are running this banana republic.

  8. If that’s the best Democrats can do, it should be a Republican cakewalk. Of course, neither Obama nor Biden had much of a resume either. Democrats haven’t had a decent Presidential candidate since Bill Clinton, and he was only barely competent.


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