CNN Announces New Programming Strategy

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Under new leadership, CNN might just manage to repair some of its dismal reputation. Incoming CNN CEO Chris Licht is revealing more details on how he plans to repair the network’s badly broken image, starting with the removal of “breaking news” banners except for instances of “truly urgent events.”

According to The Daily Wire:

“A month into his tenure as the new leader of CNN, Chris Licht is changing the news network from the Jeff Zucker days, encouraging less hype and more nuance. Some at the network are skeptical,” The New York Times tweeted.

The Times noted that Licht, who previously worked for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” made a rapid jump from managing a show that employed around 200 people to running a major network that employed some 4000 — and the report claimed that “some CNN journalists say they wonder if he can navigate a sprawling, unwieldy global news network past what has been a no good, very bad year.”

Licht has made it clear since taking control of the network that he plans to run things differently than Zucker did — and one of the changes he’s promoting is a lighter touch on the “breaking news” banner.

“CNN’s ubiquitous ‘Breaking News’ banner is gone, now reserved for instances of truly urgent events,” the NYT reported. “Snarky onscreen captions … are discouraged. Political shows are trying to book more conservative voices, and producers have been urged to ignore Twitter backlash from the far right and the far left.”

Billionaire Elon Musk seemed to give a nod of approval for CNN’s incoming changes on Twitter.

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