Supreme Court Sides With Biden Admin. on Nixing Trump-Era Immigration Rule

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court made a shocking decision on immigration, giving Joe Biden’s administration a win over its attempt to suspend 45th President Donald J. Trump’s “remain in Mexico policy.

According to SCOTUSBlog, “The Supreme Court ALLOWS the Biden administration to terminate the controversial Trump-era asylum policy known as ‘remain in Mexico.’ Red states argued that Biden was obliged to keep the policy, but SCOTUS says in a 5-4 ruling that the administration can end it.”

The Biden administration has been trying to dismantle the agreement made by Trump and Mexico, which has helped quell illegal immigration into America.

According to Fox News:

Under that policy, migrants seeking entry into the U.S. had to stay in Mexico as they awaited hearings. The Trump administration put the policy in place so that migrants would not be released into the U.S. The Biden administration had tried to repeal the policy but was previously blocked by a lower court.

At issue was whether the Department of Homeland Security’s suspension and subsequent termination of the policy violated a federal law that requires that migrants be detained or, if they arrived from a contiguous country, sent back.

The key statute is 8 U.S.C. Section 1225, part of which says someone applying for admission “shall be detained for a proceeding” unless they are “clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to be admitted,” and part of which says if they are from a contiguous territory like Mexico, “the Attorney General may return the alien to that territory” as they await a hearing.

Without the ability to detain everyone, Texas and Missouri argued in their lawsuit, sending them back when possible is necessary.

Since Biden took office, the U.S. has seen some of the highest levels of illegal immigration in years through the Southern Border.

  1. Another screwup by SCOTUS. Illegals can walk across our borders creating more trash to vote left for freebies.

  2. If this out of control dictatorship has its way we’re going to be another s…hole country unless Republicans with some kahunas does something about it SOON!

  3. This was the WRONG Decision by SCOTUS! We do NOT have a Country unless we have BORDERS?? Border Control & ICE are overwhelmed with thousands of ILLEGALS invading our Country EVERY Day!!
    This only complicated this catastrophic OPEN Border Policy of this rogue administration!!
    WHEN is this radical administration going to prioritize & do something GOOD for the LEGAL CITIZENS of our Country? We need LOWER Inflation & gasoline, food for our families, affordable rent, prevention of sex & drug trafficking at the SOUTHERN BORDER!!
    WHEN is this Liberal Administration going to exercise Common Sense & Do The Right Thing for the American Citizens???

  4. You can condemn them, but what is a way to get the goons out of office. Vote them out on Nov. Then find a way to get those left out of office.

  5. Biden is no good for America!!! We see it every day!!!! He must be impeached as soon as possible before we have no country left. Just think about what he has done to bring us down. We lose ground every day. He is NOT AMERICA FIRST by any stretch !!!!!
    We probably know who he is in the tank for!!!! Every good thing he tears down just
    because Trump did it!!!!

  6. The Abortion thing ran its course .So the SCOTUS knew it would cause more division.Fuel to the fire.By NOT extending this border policy this will destroy the country even more.3 steps forward one step back.We are far beyond the point of no return.It looks like we are 90% gone.


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