Ilhan Omar Booed at Event Celebrating Somalia’s Independence

Photo of Ihan Omar speaking to a crowd. Photo from Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Over the weekend, Progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar was booed off stage at an event celebrating the 62nd anniversary of Somalia’s independence. The radical lawmaker was taken off guard by the crowd’s adverse reaction when she took the stage to give a short speech.

Mediaite reports:

Video of Omar being booed and shouted down by the crowd as she began to speak quickly circulated on social media. One clip, which has over a million views, shows the crowd chanting “get out” while some in the crowd can be heard yelling “get the fuck out of here.”

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, we don’t have all night,” Omar stopped and addressed the crowd as they continued to shout her down.

Newsweek’s Khaleda Rahman explained the Somali crowd’s reaction to Omar – who herself is a Somali refugee and one of the first Muslim women ever elected to the U.S. Congress.

“It was not immediately clear exactly what prompted the crowd’s reaction, but some suggested that it was Omar’s support for abortion and LGBTQ rights,” Rahman noted, adding that the Somali crowd was compromised of many religious and social conservative attendees.

  1. FREE FLYING LESSONSIslam has been giving Gays and Lesbians free “Flying Lessons” from the tops of tall buildings.
    Disclaimer: One free lesson per customer. Your actual ability to fly is not guaranteed. Lessons on landing properly have been placed permanently on hold until the demand is greater.
    Alternately, the Mozlems just hang them.
    Yet Dhimwit Gays and Leftists will still throw all support to those that want them thrown off a building or hung!

  2. The crowd was “compromised”? So any thing other than Anti-American socialist leftist views is now a compromised crowd. This FRAUD Omar, should have been JAILED for 1 of her 3 proven FELONIES! No worries though, she’s a POC, Muslim in name only, as I’m pretty sure they don’t allow divorces! They ALSO don’t support everything the lgbtq+ stands for! She only chants up Minneapolis,and truly doesn’t care about it! Her and her biggest donor (CAIR) have been BUYING votes and fixing elections for her.! Many areas in Minneapolis have been left in ruins as her hero George Fentanyl Floyd was able to give her more power, as she was a BIG supporter of defunding the police giving the Burn Loot Murder crowd all the more reason to run chaos nightly! This woman can’t be REMOVED from Congress fast enough!

    1. You had lots of fun with that typo. 🙂 I think the writer meant “comprised.”

      Islam does permit divorce in some circumstances, although it is more difficult for a wife to divorce her husband than the other way around. Traditional Islam opposes abortion and most forms of gender dysphoria, so Ilhan Omar is not orthodox by any stretch of the imagination.


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