Bill O’Reilly Sounds Off on Potential Tucker Carlson Presidential Campaign

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Newsmax host Eric Bolling left former Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly speechless during an interview when he broached the subject of Tucker Carlson possibly running for president in 2024.

Tucker Carlson’s prominent role with Fox News over the years has spurred some rumors that he could be considering making a jump into politics himself. However, based on O’Reilly’s reaction to the hypothetical question perhaps Carlson should just stick to talking about politics.

According to Mediaite:

“I got another one for you on the Republican side that no one’s really talking about,” Bolling told O’Reilly on The Balance. “Ready? Tucker Carlson.”

O’Reilly then sat in silence at the question

“Speechless,” the host followed up.

“You want me to reply to that, Bolling?” O’Reilly shot back. “Or is this a flight of fancy on your part?”

“Yes,” he responded. “It’s called a talk show, so we hope when I say something, you talk back. What do you think of that?”

“Look, if Mr. Carlson wants to leave his extremely lucrative position at Fox News and run for president, then more power to him. But there isn’t a chance in hell that, number one, he will do it, and number two, that he could succeed.”

Despite encouragement from some conservatives Carlson has repeatedly tamped down rumors he’s angling to jump from Fox News anytime soon.

  1. Tucker running for president is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Well, second stupidest; Biden being president was the first stupid thing.

  2. What? More speculative HOGWASH from Eric Bolling, the talk show carny? OINK!
    The answer would be a solid NO! Tucker Carlson wouldn’t exactly bury the needle > on the Richter Scale if he ran for office – and especially against President Trump!
    I doubt that needle would even move above single digits.
    Yes,Carlson is popular, but so is DeSantis, who also has the capability factor. However, their popularity/capability factors would fall short in a head to head against DJT.
    End of story.

    1. It’s hypothetical! My GUESS would be if Trump and Desantis didn’t run, would Tucker make a good candidate? I think he would, but underqualified. But we currently have a freak show running/RUINING things at this point so really HOW COULD HE BE ANY WORSE than Mr. Potato head!
      Tucker wouldn’t take the pay cut, and or jeopardize his family in such a way. You step in to that Demoralrat hate territory, nothing but the lying, fraud, and ENDLESS investigation charges, to legally tie you up sideways, happens to you for years. Look at Trump, they are still trying to bar him from running with this SHAM J-6 b.s.!
      The PLAIN facts have ALWAYS been present, he requested more security, Piglousy turned it down. They put FBI plants in the crowd to incite more mayhem. The capitol “riot on one side” peaceful protest on the other, was the EXACT outcome they wanted!


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