Pelosi Flees After Being Pressed on Husband’s Stock Trades

Nancy Pelosi via Twitter:

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fled her weekly press conference Thursday after being pressed on her husband, Paul’s, stock trades alleged to be based on info from the House Speaker.

The Daily Caller reports:

“No, absolutely not,” Pelosi said in response to a reporter who asked if her “husband ever made a stock purchase or sale based on information received from you.”

The speaker’s comments come on the heels of the Daily Caller News Foundation first reporting on a financial disclosure showing Paul Pelosi purchased up to $5 million worth in stock of a computer chips company before a vote on legislation that would hand billions to semiconductor manufacturers.

He bought 20,000 shares of Nvidia, which is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies that designs and manufactures graphics processors and other technologies, on June 17. Senators voted Tuesday to advance the bipartisan competition legislation allocating $52 billion for domestic semiconductor manufacturing and a final vote will reportedly occur this or next week.

Pelosi indicated she will support the legislation Wednesday, noting she is “optimistic” that her chamber will “take this bill up as early as next week.”



  1. PIGLOSI’S husband has profited BIG TIME since she’s been in Congress because of the information she has provided no question about it

  2. And you believe the wicked witch?? She is as crooked as a snake!!! She has used her position to greatly enhance her wealth and take advantage !! Then she has the gall to
    show off her $25 a pint ice cream when America is dire straights. She is a power monger
    and needs to be gone!!! Mid terms need to turn her out to pasture for good!!! She defies
    all rules and demands she be exempt from them but the rest of America must obey
    sickening!!! Glory be the day they take her precious gavel out of her hands and give to
    someone much more deserving to have it and will not be working to bring any more
    turmoil to the rest of us meaning her way or the highway!!!

    1. Jay, don’t forget her two $25,000.00 side by side refrigerator freezers stocked with that fancy gourmet Ice Cream and the high priced Chocolates

  3. Must be just a coincidence that the couple became multi-millionaires
    during the time she has been writing laws in Congress which affect (eventually) actions by corporations. Just lucky.

  4. Everyone knows Nancy (Loose Denture) is a LIAR and everyone with common sense know she is the insider for her husband buying stocks. Why asked that liar a question about stocks, she would only tell a lie. I wouldn’t trust Nancy behind a LAMP SHADE and I mean the SHADE that one can see through.


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