January 6 Protester Gets Longest Sentence Yet

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A Texas man who was a protester at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 got the longest prison sentence yet of any other convicted for trespassing — seven years.

The Hill reports:

Prosecutors said Guy Reffitt told fellow members of the Texas Three Percenters militia group that he planned to drag House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of the Capitol building by her ankles, “with her head hitting every step on the way down,” according to a court filing.

Reffitt’s prison sentence — seven years and three months — is two years more than the previous longest prison sentence for a Capitol riot defendant. But it’s less than half the length of the 15-year prison term requested by a federal prosecutor, who called Reffitt a domestic terrorist and said he wanted to physically remove and replace members of Congress.

Reffitt was the first person to go on trial for the Jan. 6, 2021, attack, in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump halted the joint session of Congress for certifying Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory.

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich, who presided over Reffitt’s jury trial, also sentenced him to three years of supervised release after his prison term and ordered him to pay $2,000 in restitution.

“It was a big blur,” Reffitt said. “It was just very chaotic and confusing.”

  1. Peaceful protesting does not include damage to person or property. Anyone inciting harm on another person or destroying property deserves punishment. In this case community service for the ones who followed inside the buildings but didn’t do any harm.

    1. No it doesn’t. What about all the BLM riots & destruction & burning businesses & physical damages. Nothing was done about that. The Vice President even raised bail money for them. Absolutely discussing.

    2. Capitol Police ushered crowds into the building. We all watched as they opened the doors and waved people in. They weren’t guilty of anything but following the police into the building. Ridiculous. Why community service for that?

      1. Didn’t you hear, they changed the narrative, they say the police were calling for backup because they were being overwhelmed!

    3. The protesting was lead by and done by the FBI and CIA…why aren’t hey being pointed out..?..Oh yeah…and the BLM and Antifa..why aren’t they given 15 years?…….crickets

    4. You are right. But at the same time, we have to note that BLM/AntiFa rioters got off very lightly. A few of the most egregious criminals were prosecuted — like the fellow who torched a police car and bragged about it — but the response was not like it was to the 6 January people.

      And note that a peaceful sit-in in the state capitol of Wisconsin was not prosecuted at all, with community service or anything.

      6 January was a huge gift to the Left. It was so good for them, that many people would like to think the Left planned it to start with. While there may have been some provocateurs in the crowd, this was mainly a self-inflicted wound. And a bad one.

      Please, please, please … let’s not have any more such bonehead stunts again.

      We need a national network of demonstration stewards, who can be marshalls at our demonstrations and rallies. Trained, equipped, and rehearsed to be on the edge of our crowds, and to deal with idiots and provocateurs who try to lead us into another trap, and also with AntiFa attackers on the outside. The French, who know a lot about mass demonstrations, have groups called ‘service d’ordre’. We need something similar.

    1. Dissenters will be arrested and imprisoned – political prisoners just like China, Russia, and all Communist totalitarian countries.

  2. So much for freedom of speech. I’m sure that of the many people that would envision some of Reffitt’s thoughts about the speaker of the house, I’m sure that most would have kept it to themselves as simply a thought with no intention to follow through on it. However, it’s gotta be hard to take being basically convicted for one’s words.

    1. I guess you never set around the campfire talking smack. I’m sure most of us would go to jail for our outspoken words. If this is the new norm so long free thought and speech.

  3. . . . . . and WE ARE GOING to make all the investigators, lawyers, judges. etc, pay for it big time very soon. Justice, the REAL justice WILL be served!

  4. And still, to this day, there are no charges brought against the trigger-happy capitol policeman, who shot and killed Ashley Babbit, an unarmed protestor, for no good reason, in the capitol riot on J6.

  5. THAT is why one does not go about yapping indiscriminately about his fantasies. Liberals have no reservation about turning your wishes into crimes.

    Remember the NIKE motto.

  6. Meanwhile an arsonist affiliated with ANTIFA gets off with nothing. Liberals will ruin everything they get their limp wrists into.

  7. This judge is an idiot. The prosecutors out to make a name for themselves and not for justice! A farce and the destruction of our Constituional rights. The Democrats have just showed you how the Russian purges were done.

  8. Why haven’t they arrested Ray Epps? There is extensive video showing him urging the rioters to storm the building, yet he is ignored–because he was a fed agent?

    1. What about the ‘’Indian’ who later showed up dressed as the Capital Police to testify that he was beaten and maxed?

  9. Previous articles said he had a loaded gun. Somebody is lying through their teeth. We were told that no one had a firearm other than the capital police

  10. When DJT is reinstated, post decertifications, he will pardon every J6 Hero, and send all the Fed Persecutors to GITMO

  11. Wait he SAID but did not even try. Isn’t it freedom of speech? However, Schumer loud and clear threatened our SC justices Gorsich and Kavanaugh on the steps of the same Capitol. And this year we saw the result of this treat – one of them was arrested for an assassination attempt on Kavanaugh. So what term will they give to Schumer?

  12. it is my hope the next president pardons these political prisoners; this current group of congressional clowns should be voted out without pensions or perks.

  13. Wait what? We now get charged and sentences for things we said we’d like to do but didn’t? You get less time for attempted murder in DC. This shows us how out of control the dems and their justice system are.

  14. Democrat members of Congress and the Senate, including Pelosi, Schumer and Waters, have made the same kind of “I’d like to” wishes and recommendations to others against President Trump and Senator Rand Paul, but received no condemnations, no investigations, and no prison sentences.

    The man who actually physically attacked and crippled Senator Paul in his back yard didn’t spend a day in jail for making his own violent wishes come true, and sending the Senator to the hospital with injuries he has yet to recover from. Antifa Democrats who killed Police and business owners and burned precinct buildings to the ground in support of their political views were not even investigated, but rather were praised for their crimes by Congresschicks Nancy Pelosi, Sandy Cortez and others, rather than being condemned and sent to prison.

    This man expressed his anger out loud, but never actually hurt anyone, and he is going to jail for 5 years. If that is justice, then the man who attacked Senator Paul should go to jail for 50 years, and the insurrectionist Democrats who burned cities should be in jail for 500 years.

    Like Chris Plant says, if it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. I think, with inflation, they are now expanding from double to triple standards.

  15. The Second Amendment protects the natural right to keep and bear arms; the same type of arms that crooks and thugs might use against you; and the same type of arms that government agents might use against you. We all know that the police can’t be everywhere. We also know that the first thing tyrants do when they come to power is to disarm the population. Sometimes tyrants are jackbooted thugs. Sometimes tyrants are the majority in an elected government.

    1. And those jackboot dems know not to cross the line when it comes to bearing arms. They know that there are countless Americans who love this Country that will NOT comply.

  16. Ridiculous. Often those who commit a murder get less time.
    Just another liberal Democrat judge doing the bidding of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party .
    Why aren’t those who rioted, murdered people and caused billions in damage being brought to justice. With Pelosi and the Democrats it is all one sided.

  17. Only those that support democrats and themselves are above the law, and don’t you forget it, you hear.

  18. Sad that the socialist pig Democratic party can do this to a American citizen who was just exercising his rights to protest and the same pieces of garbage Democratic socialist pigs are supporting drug dealers and illegal aliens, terriost who are invading America and killing 100000 people a year with illegal drugs. We have a bunch of scumbag Democratic socialist pigs running America into the ground

  19. If there was a poll as to how many people have said what they wanted to do to Piglousy, we would all be arrested. She should be thankful no one has followed through on their so called “threats”. Unlike Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they actually followed through with their threats but no radical liberal will discuss this matter. These thugs actually murdered people and destroyed hardworking citizens businesses but we don’t hear squat about that. Very disgusting to hear liberal democrats speak of truth when they don’t know the definition of the word. All of the protesters from Jan 6, should be freed, they did nothing wrong. The Capital police officer who shot and murdered Ashley Babbit should be behind bars. The video showed he murdered her.

  20. Are all the Democrats going to be charged with all the threats they requested
    their followers to do? Start with Maxine Waters!!!!

  21. Hopefully when Trump becomes president again, he will set all the Jan 6 PROTESTERS free.

  22. Here is a use of logic which no one considered before.
    Yes, Congress met that day to certify the results of the election. However, there are 2 sides to everything.
    + Congress could also have decided not to certify the election is they had reason to believe there was Electoral Fraud.
    The Democrats knew there was fraud, so they had to cause the Riot.
    Democrats and RINOs changed the 1887 Electoral Count Act so that an election can never be challenged again. If there is a question with something that happened in the State, the matter is referred back to the State Officials that planned the cheating.

  23. Directly from the AP: “Dutch American journalist Michiel Vos, who is married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, was reporting on the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. While outside the Capitol, Vos was photographed with rioter Jake Angeli, a supporter of President Donald Trump who social media users falsely claimed was part of antifa after marauding through the halls of Congress.”

    From article entitled:
    Photo shows Pelosi’s son-in-law reporting on Capitol riotBy ARIJETA LAJKA
    January 7, 2021


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