These Republicans Kicked the Political Bucket After Dissing Trump

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Some Republicans went pound for pound with the T-Man and just about every one of them lost. Say what you will about Donald Trump but the man has a solid record for taking names and kicking rear ends, a really solid record.

Immediately following the January 6th riot the House impeached Donald Trump again and there were a lot more Republicans who voted to impeach him this time around. Of those Republicans, many of them are going to be filing for unemployment sooner rather than later.

Here are those Republicans who lost it all after going head to head with Donald Trump:

  1. Good riddance to all these foolish RINOs if they really thought the Democrats witch hunt was anything but that.

  2. These damn Leftist are the most corrupt POS ever. Communist assholes should be eradicated by any means. How this country ever got to this is beyond me. Bastards are frauds in every way

  3. Because airport size rallies full of freedom loving, Capitalists anti-Socialist, anti big government, anti WOKE agenda meant nothing to them; just the hate!

    Donald Trump is nothing without the millions that love him, so hating Trump is to ignore those millions of voters.


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