Newsmax Host Rips Laura Ingraham After Trump Comments

Laura Ingraham speaking with attendees at the 2019 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Newsmax’s Eric Bolling ripped Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Tuesday night after she said America needs to move on past President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ingraham said on “The Truth with Lisa Booth” that although she and the former president have been friends for decades, it’s unclear whether the country wants another four years of him amid speculation about a potential run.

“The country I think is so exhausted, they’re exhausted by the battle, the constant battle, that they may believe that, well, maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump,” she said.

Bolling, who formerly worked at Fox News, said Ingraham has “thrown in the proverbial Trump towel.”

“Maybe [some conservatives] gave up on the man. Much like the organization, she works for, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham seems to have thrown in the proverbial Trump towel.”

He said, “What do you mean, no Trump? What’s wrong with you?”

  1. Exhaustion with the democratic party maybe. Exhaustion with Rinos trying to sabotage, Exhaustion with the media trying to sabotage everything that would be America first. Exhaustion with all of Americas riches, and taxes from the “little people” going to other countries. Exhaustion with politicians constantly spending spending spending and getting uber Rich because they are allowed to make behind the scenes deals. They don’t work for America, they work to get themselves Rich. The only person who has wanted to let the Little people share in the wealth and make a good living was President Trump. Tell me; what is so so so bad about our politicians wanting to put the American people first before any other country??

  2. Actually we are exhausted by the pundits like Ingraham that don’t have a clue as to what the country wants!

  3. I used to watch Laura, but won’t be anymore. I will watch programs and news that support President Trump. He made this country great. This current excuse-of-a-president had done everything he can to completely RUIN America. We need the REAL President! DJT! Save America! Ultra MAGA! LGB!?

  4. I am exhausted by the Xiden/o’bama Regime, NOT one Right or Good thing for the American people, only BS……I want the Trump Policies back……!!!!!

  5. I’m exhausted with Laura Ingraham. President Trump has the answers we all need. He has pulled back the curtain and shown how badly we’ve been governed. We need him to finish the GREAT job he started before the election was stolen.

  6. Laura can’t be trusted anymore. She sold out against the 2020 election fraud before all fact’s were in. She called the race for Robeson in Arizona before the count was in and had to backtrack the next day. She’s too close to D.C. operation’s.Same for Hannity. I only watch Fox for Tucker Carlson, at least he doesn’t let anybody run his show.If he get’s pushed out -NO MORE FOX!

    1. What’s wrong with Hannity? Even when Fox was not talking about Trump, he has remained true. What is irritating about Hannity is he talks too much, he says the whole thing and then says to his guest how do you react, after he has spelled it all out. But his heart has always been in the right place.

  7. Laura makes a great point! Someone like Ron DeSantis cares about the welfare of our country and its citizens. Mike Pompeo is a Trump supporter with high intelligence, an excellent resume, proven success and a respectful attitude and demeanor.
    If Trump would stop name calling and making devisive, childish remarks, he’d be a great candidate again. But, I believe it’s too late for him.

    1. You must be completely clueless because the Libtards start the slamming on him and he responds back. I’ll take “comments” over their intolerance, hatred, and incompetence any day so we can become AMERICA again! Ultra MAGA! Save America! LGB!

    2. I adore RonDeSantis. I met him before he was a congressman and after talking with him for five minutes I saw his greatness. I told him one day you will be president. But your comment is nonsense.

      Do you imagine for one second the left won’t skewer anyone we run? And in no time there will be talk of our being tired of the conflicts over that one.

      Unfinished business with Trump. They tried to take him away from us from the moment he won in 2016 with lies and treason for four years, then they took him away in 2020, with theft of the election, and now they are trying for the trifecta in 2024.

      Do not let them get away with these crimes. Stop this business of we are exhausted with the battles. I am not exhausted with anything but leftism and the deliberate destruction of my beloved country by the left.

      Trump 2024 if he decides to run!

      1. Agreed; however, Trump 2024, DeSantis 2028 because Ron can go for eight years, but we know for sure Trump can get us back on track. So, we will have at least 12 years of devoted REAL American Presidents!!

  8. Hey Laura…….guess what…we’ll be done with you before we’re done with Trump! I think you need to join Liz and blame Russia again.

  9. Yeah, lets all throw in the towel every time the left doesn’t approve of our candidates. Brilliant, Laura, really effing brilliant.

    I think it’s time for Fox to throw in the towel on Laura. her voice is like finger nails on a chalkboard, she interrupts and cuts off her guests very rudely. she has to dominate every discussion. And now she wants to decide who we can choose from in key elections.

  10. The Country is exhausted with the Democrat Witch Hunts, and using our institutions to gain POWER. They are going after Trump but they are really going after us, to “transform” USA into Socialist Communist State. We are tired of Democrat LIES. LIES and More LIES. Silly to deny Trump Victory because you are tired of Democrat Bad Acts. We need Trump to WIN!

  11. How about we MAGAs stop shooting at EACH OTHER and concentrate on the Communists running the government (into the ground)?

  12. I have always believed that “The Ingram Angle” was Conservative but this unbelievable dialog shows either Laura has been threatened or is being “Blackmailed” or her Boss at Fox news has demanded she follow his “Lead” or lose her job! I believe there is More to this story than what has been exposed! We the People are certainly disturbed and disgusted at the Drama the Democrats are throwing out there to discredit President Trump, but We aren’t going to throw in the Towel or “Give up” because that’s what these “Donkey People” want! This “Badministration” has Weakened AMERICA but November is Coming!
    Keep the Faith Laura, We haven’t given up on you, Don’t give up on us!

  13. I am so tired of these egotistical so called Republicans that want to be President so bad! They are the lowest of the lowest to try to destroy President Trump, when he is the only President of any party to try to save America from the evilness of Communism!

  14. I quit watching any and all on Fox after the crap they pulled election night 2020. And then the audacity of them trying desperately to justify their actions and comments.
    The fact is Fox News has changed w the handover to the son who is as liberal as they come. It was good for a while. But that has definitely ended.

    It is funny how this’d conservative pretenders have tried to push Trump out and usher Ron D in. I like the Governor …. But he is not ready nor capable … especially financially to deal with this bunch . They are scared of Trump! Terrified !!! And Thst is what we need! This idiotic notion that we don’t need someone so polarizing is laughably ridiculous !!!!! If we have not seen by now …. There is no middle ground with these people! No negotiation! When you try … they lie! Look at how many times trump reached out to them and got supposed agreement only later to find it was a total lie!!!!

    I am not apologetic ! We NEED TRUMP!!!!! Even he may not be able to uproot all the crap at this point. Because as infiltrated as they were throughout all of government before …. They are more so now!!! The only solution may be to dissolve all of the agencies and start over !!!

    Laura ought to be ashamed of trying to push this narrative! It speaks volumes about who she is at the core!!!! We don’t need any more pretenders!!!!

  15. So this exhaustion is for nothing? Laura, it’s the Demoncrats that put us in this position. Do you really think things would change with another candidate that shared Trump’s America First agenda? Don’t be like Joe Biden. You can’t appease the enemy.

  16. I am exhausted with Laura Ingraham. It is the sane blah blah blah every night. I don’t even watch her and Fox News anymore. All Newsman now.

  17. It doesn’t matter who the Republicans run, the left will smear and take down whoever it is. So it may as well be someone we know loves our country and will do what he can to make America great again. It isn’t just Trump that the left is out to get, but anyone that even looks like a conservative.

  18. Trump is the only President since Harry Truman to do what he said he was going to do when in office. I very much appreciate his time in office and specifically the appointments that he made to the Judiciary at all levels, the embassy move to Jerusalem, and the Arab accords between Israel and several of the Arab countries. That isn’t all, but those are huge, and I would vote for him again in a heartbeat!

  19. We need Donald J. Trump and need him NOW. The treasonous WH and his staff is rapidly sending MY country down the sewer. This latest travesty, the BS inflation reduction bill, is nothing but pork for the few elite democrats and America haters. Continually pushing the myth of climate change including the lie that CO2 is a pollutant and BS that greenhouse gas is hazardous (it is 96% water vapor) has convinced weak minded people. It is a waste of over $350 billion of our money. The rest of the $793 billion is equally a waste!!

  20. Personally, I believe we need 4 more years of Trump. These people just really don’t get it or us. The left and the RINOs seem to think that we hang onto every word President Trump says. When in reality, President Trump hangs onto every word we say or think. We are in tune with one another. They just really do not get it. We made our choice in 2016 to elect someone who WAS NOT part of the Washington establishment. Someone who truly cared about our country and our citizens….all citizens regarless or race, religion, pilitical party, sexual preference…all citizens. We did not want the typical “I promise you this (until you elect me) type of candidate. We wanted someone like us who thought like we do.
    I for one am not about ready to give up the ship. Four more years of President Trump to right the ship followed by 8 years of DeSantis. We need our country back and I believe this is the way we get it back…aling with a complete turnaround of both houses of congress in November.

  21. Typical FOX NEWS these days. I gave up on them. NEWSMAX is better and much more consistent. I don’t trust FOX for the truth anymore.

  22. I want DeSantis in 2024….I loved Trump’s policies but grew tired of his constant TALKING…..He gave the enemy (the Democrat biased media) toomuch ammo with his mouth…..

  23. Maybe Laura is right. Trump may be unelectable. I don’t know. But if this is not true and he is re-electable, we should support his candidacy just to defeat all the people who have unfairly targeted and maligned him. We should not give up and concede to the wishes of these corrupt people. But if we can’t convince the American people that he would be the best choice then it would perhaps be best to move on. Meanwhile fortunately we can wait and see if he gains more popularity. I for one am inclined to think that he should be the Republican nominee in 2024, especially as it is becoming more obvious to everyone that he is a David fighting off the global Goliath.


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