Disgruntled ex-Trump Lawyer Has Most Insane 2024 Prediction Yet

Screenshot of Michael Cohen via C-SPAN. https://youtu.be/8rKCWG0VOYw

A disgruntled former lawyer to President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, said Monday on SiriusXM’s “Mornings With Zerlina” that Trump will not run for a second term because “he does not want to go up against” Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Breitbart reports:

Cohen said, “I do not believe Trump is going to run. First of all, he knows that he can’t win the general election statistically, and his fragile ego will not allow him to be a two-time loser. I just want to be very clear on that.”

He continued, “Second. I believe that if, in fact, that he runs, he is not just going to get the nomination by the Republican party, by the RNC. There are going to be plenty of people that are going to challenge him. And rightfully so.”

Cohen added, “He does not want to go up against, like, for example, Liz Cheney, she already stated, ‘If he’s running, I’m running too.’ Uh, and then there’s, there’s so many others that you want to — Ron DeSantis, he’s already lost in a poll to Ron DeSantis, who I think is possible — equally or even greater of a threat to this democracy than even Donald, first of all, he’s smarter than Donald, and I think he’s more sinister.”

Cohen previously claimed that Trump allegedly kept top-secret documents at his home because “[h]e’s gonna use it as a ‘get out of jail free’ card. It’s a way to extort America,” Cohen suggested.

  1. Holy garbage is that guy really that stupid? Trump may not want to go up against Desantis or even Haley, but Chaney would not be a reason to be afraid.

  2. What a joke! The unhinged Left in our country is the real enemy, more than China, Russia, and Islam(anti-modernists and therefore not as strong).Did you ever notice how many women are shown in the ranks of the Chinese military? The Ukraine conflict revealed the weaknesses of the Russian military (too many general like our General Milley) and weak NCO corps.Cohen and his ilk give attorneys a bad name.

  3. This will be the same fate for all that go against the peoples choice ! Funny you can never find a Democrat that is willing to check the corrupt voting machines! Especially now that they have the proof they cheated in the 2020 election!

  4. Think he must have a serious mental condition that effect his thinking ability. Trump
    would crush Cheney da RINO like a bug. At this point I do not see any other contender who might have a chance against him if he decides to run. As long as the
    Left thinks he might they are blowing political clout and money which will effect
    any one that tries to run against him when a candidate is picked to represent the
    Republican Conservatives in the upcoming election cycle.

  5. Oh Michael Cohen, it sounds like you are taunting Donald Trump. Cause if you are, then it’s working brilliantly. If you aren’t, then you are an absolute freaking idiot and I am betting the latter. Personally I think you are just jealous and bitter that Trump didn’t come to your aid and defend you better nor did he give you a pardon which, I’m sorry, was the absolute correct thing he did. I am not a fan of Trump due to his big mouth, particularly on Twitter. Some things are just plain better left unsaid but that is just how he is. You were guilty and you know you were and now you are just trying to stay relevant but you really just need to go off into the sunset and nurse your broken ego….. Good bye Michael Cohen, you had a chance at the limelight but you screwed up, just own and move on.

  6. You can always tell a Deep State leftist, they all use the term, “threat to this democracy”. Most, do not know what democracy is. We now have a president who is an actual THREAT TO DEMOCRACY. Are they all loosing their minds?

  7. Everybody is missing the point. This is all a distraction. Inflation is increasing 7% every month. Is your pay or retirement accounts keeping up with that? GDP is negative or close to negative so I suspect NOT. Unchecked, every year the cost of everything will double. 2 years from now do you expect to be making 4 times the amount of money you are bringing in now? Do not forget the 87,000 IRS agents out to strangle you to get your money and take possession of your property. Biden and the democrats NEED to be STOPPED NOW! I would say all the progressive democrats need to be put in jail but we cannot afford it. Buy more ammo and hope you do not need it to protect your family.


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