CNN Asks Freakish Questions of Prospective Guests

I took photo of CNN building in New York City with Canon camera. Via Wikimedia Commons.

CNN has recently been exposed for its probing “voluntary” questions for its prospective guests.

Mediaite reports:

It’s all covered in a multi-page form for potential CNN guests, contributors, and so on that gets really personal really fast, Mediaite has learned.

The form, which a CNN insider told Mediaite is strictly voluntary, not only asks a whole lot of questions to pin down who a person is and what they are about, it does so in a multiple-choice format that might really knock your socks off.

For example, Question 7 is simply titled “Political Ideology” and features a drop-down menu. On the “Select One” list of options are things like Laissez-Faire, Libertarianism, Liberalism, and Leninism. Social Conservatism, Populism, and Progressivism are options, too. Not to mention, perhaps more shockingly, Maoism, Marxism, and even Nazism!

Other drop-down menus cover things like Race/Ethnicity, Disability/Impairment, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Religion, Nationality and so on.

Mediaite reports that a CNN spokesperson told them, “The initiative launched over a year ago and is strictly voluntary. CNN is committed to representing a variety of voices and perspectives across our platforms, and this information both helps us identify relevant guests and ensure diversity in our bookings.”


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