Biden Has New Nickname for DeSantis

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden has been in Florida this week and is starting to take shots at a possible future political opponent. Ron DeSantis has grown in political stature and now stands as a potential 2024 nominee, so it’s not surprising Biden is going on the attack. At a fundraiser yesterday Biden said that, “This guy is not — he doesn’t fit any of the categories I talked about. The way he deals, the way he denies. Charlie is running against Donald Trump incarnate.” The word “incarnate” obviously has dubious intent and Biden is trying to paint both Trump and DeSantis as evil. Biden continued talk about the ‘evil’ Republicans are causing across the nation:

  1. oh dear. Poor old Joe doesn’t know what to do. As a uniter, he is only uniting his angry base. He keeps perpetuating lies that he doesn’t even know are lies. He never talked to the guy who invented Insulin, gas was not $5 a gallon when he took office, he did not invent the covid vaccine, his son did not die in Iran, and Hunter is actually not the smartest man he ever met. If he was an X-man he would be “turbo demento”

  2. Blithering Biden would not know the incarnate except thru his political parents and
    that would be Nancy Pelosi and Obama who are full blown Anti American Communist
    that belong the China and their minions. Compared to them evne Putin has
    some scruples though no one knows what they are!

  3. Biden is the King of Confabulation! Confabulate: to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication. A major characteristic of brain-damaged patients is the tendency to confabulate—to hide and dissemble about their damage.

  4. The point is Biden is comparing Ron to TRUMP. And Trump ain’t dead so 2024 WHO? In other words it forces Ron to distance himself from or EMBRACE Trump.

  5. The Bidens, that’s plural-the whole damn bunch, day is coming. Their totally corrupt gang of thugs is gonna cave in on them. The Republicans need to hold one criminal charge back on Hunter, so they can try him on it so Brandon, the Big One, can’t pardon the butt hole. Then give him the Max Time and let him rot confined.

  6. There is only one message of importance when it comes time for the Presidential Election that needs to be understood, Ron DeSantis is not that man. There is only one person that has been anointed to be the President, the Democrats, and the establishment knows this. So they are trying to get the other one nominated because he will be badly defeated. The next president of the United States can only be Donald J Trump. He is the one that has the covering and the program to fix this mess. It’s his unfinished business.


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