Dems Hope to Pull Off Surprise Wins in These Races Tomorrow

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

Tuesday is Election Day, and many voters have already cast their ballots in multiple races across the country. However, on Election Day, some Democrats are hoping to pull off surprise wins against Republicans in key races. Here are all the races where the left hopes to score surprise victories:

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Bob M
Bob M
26 days ago

Remember all those ballots sent out by the states election offices to unqualified people, either moved out of state or died? well they will come back and democrats will try and .count them somehow. They weren’t sent by mistake all of the battle ground states did it.

bob ryan
bob ryan
26 days ago

Where’s the story? All I see are ads

Donna Calandra
25 days ago

Of course. In NY the poll takers sign you in and give you a ticket to be matched with ballott (paper jam delays) Hopefully they are doing the same with matching up the absentee ones

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