Some of the Most Surprising Midterms Moments

Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash.

While many races in the Tuesday midterm elections are too close to call, there are some that were big shockers. Here are some of the biggest surprises during the midterms:

  1. Well apparently Yahoo can’t handle people pointing out that George Soros who let’s be honest was a big part of the 2020 election being stolen ,was a big part of the Orange revolution ,which is a big reason why we are starring down the barrel of a global nuclear war right now . Because yahoo comments just put a comment that I pointed that out on in suspension limbo. Which is suicidally stupid given the situation we are facing . But corrupt people aren’t known to be smart are wise. Just greedy. I am afraid that the rest of the standard social media is the same a Yahoo. It’s such a shame that the world leaders seem to be no better then L. A. gang bangers fighting over territory regardless of the consequences. But that is what we are seeing.

  2. These demo(n)©️rats & the Establishment-re-p#b!c-€#n+$, meaning both Rinos & neo-cons, are loathe to admit this, if they, the democrats did👌how come they’re all busy playing defence, and the Trump-backed GOP candidates are playing offence in deep-blue states❓When was the last time this happened…


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