Teacher Admits to Teaching Toddlers About Sexuality

At 3 and 4 years old, children are learning what they are capable of and ask many questions about the world around them.  Once again, we see woke teachers teaching them that they can choose if they are a boy, or a girl based on how they feel.  The indoctrination starts young.  Children have enough to figure out with learning about letters, numbers, and how to socialize with their peers.  They should be learning how to share and empathize with one another, not be confused if they are a boy or a girl based on how they feel versus what their DNA reveals.

In California, a teacher is using a “gender unicorm” to teach early childhood students that are ages 3-4 about choosing their own gender.  More focus is put transgenderism than on learning letter and number recognition.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons why America has lower scores in reading and math than neighboring countries?  These woke, radicalized teachers need to be shut down.  Instead, districts are letting them shut down the ideas of “girl” bathrooms and “boy” bathrooms.

Fox News reports:

The “gender unicorn” discusses sexuality, gender identity, gender expression and romantic attraction. Other terms the educator claimed were “pertinent” to the age group included “sexual orientation” and “agender.”

“I thought this would be a great tool that you can use with your students,” McCray, the early childhood teacher, said about the “gender unicorn.”

“You can download them, and you can talk to them about it. And of course, it’s age appropriate,” she said. “And even at five years old, you can ask them, are you a girl or boy?… and you explain that to them. Yes, you were born a girl or boy, but you may not feel that way.”

At one point, McCray was asked whether she was pushing toddlers into identifying with a sexuality or gender identity.

“The attitude that you set the tone in your classroom depicts the classroom. So in my classroom… There’s no boy bathroom, no girl bathroom. So I already set the tone and I don’t ask them… do you want to play with this doll? Everything is open to everyone and by everyone to be yourself.”

However, if children in the classroom say that certain toys are for a specific gender, McCray said she would shut it down.

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Dale Hager
Dale Hager
17 days ago

Anyone pushing to fire/remove this person?

Gerald Ladd
16 days ago

She should be gone.. My first comment was deleted by the moderator.

Gerald Ladd
16 days ago


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