2024 Senate Outlook: Republican Seats up for Grabs

The 2024 election will be massively important not only for the presidency but also for the 34 Senate seats that will be up for grabs. Over the next few days we will look at every Senate seat at play in 2024 and provide analysis on the incumbents. Jason Thielman, Chief of Staff to Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) says that, “There are no Republicans up for the 2024 election in a blue state.  Two times as many Democrat incumbents are up for reelection. Three senators are up for reelection in deep red states.  Since 1980, only twice has more than two democrat incumbents been defeated.”

Our first installments will look at 2024 Senate seats that are currently held by Republicans:


  1. Unless and Until Republican cowards find an ounce of courage to correct corrupt elections the forever promises of the apologists will not impress me.

    I’ll continue to vote (‘cuz that’s who I am) and Republicans will continue to disappoint me. Show Me The Steal Is Stopped, dammit.

    WARNING: when voting doesn’t work anymore…

  2. (R) Joe Pinion beat schumer 2 to 1 in my county, but republicans didn’t promote him. People weren’t even aware he was running until the end. If unity doesn’t happen the red wave won’t happen yet again in 2024. Need more work on election integrity as AZ and PA obviously haven’t been corrected and NY needs to severe all ties with NYC to save upstate NY

  3. If the republicans don’t win the majority in both the house and senate in 2024, and hopefully the presidency, this country is lost as far as our constitutional republic goes. The left will try their best to make their version of socialism as our form of government, with them in control of course. Thinking of them destroying our country ought to scare the hell out of everyone.


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