Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot Faces Uncertain Future Amid Crime Pandemic

MacLean Center / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Chicago’s far-left Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces an uncertain future as her city has become a mecca for rampant crime, leaving residents feeling unsafe. Chicago hit a 25-year record for crime. Her failure on the crime issue, which has left countless residents harmed, robbed, or killed, is opening a channel for multiple challengers to the first-term mayor. November 28 is the filing deadline for the mayorship, and Lightfoot is seeking another term.

Fox News reports:

Several candidates who aim to serve as Chicago’s 57th mayor told Fox News Digital they believe that Lightfoot has not fulfilled promises to make the city a safer environment as they stressed the importance of supporting police and tackling crime head on.

“Chicago needs a leader who understands our city, its people, its history and its character. It needs someone who is a consensus builder, someone who is willing to work with everyone from across the city, who doesn’t get into feuds and has a thick skin. None of those things describe our current mayor,” said Roderick Sawyer, the son of former Chicago Mayor Eugene Sawyer.

Looking to follow in his father’s footsteps as mayor, Sawyer, a current member of the Chicago City Council who was elected to represent the South Side’s 6th Ward in 2011, insisted that a “role such as mayor requires someone who has a history of working on budgets, passing legislation and finding practical solutions.”

Similarly, Frederick Collins, a 29-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, told Fox that he believes Chicago needs “a leader who will not only listen to its citizens and their needs, but take charge of the immediate issues plaguing our city and get real results.”

Collins said, “The citizens of this great city are sick and tired of this unprecedented crime wave, which has now touched neighborhoods like nothing before.”

  1. It’s not only Chicago, it’s New York, D.C., L.A., Detroit, St. Louis , and all other large metropolitans. Anywhere there’s large concentrations of peoples there’s crime, both violent and non violent. The lack of opportunities, the incredible rate of inflation and wage stagflation equates in desperate times. And desperate times sometimes requires desperate measures. How can someone raise a baby with the prices of diapers and formula, let alone cloth and healthcare.

  2. Lightfoot is a talker, not a doer. Her imagination was never developed.She’s got herself a nice cushy job and a nice paycheck, but does not do anything for it.
    She sits on her big ole Lard Butt and does not worry about Chicago. Just send me my paycheck. She needs to go and go fast.

  3. It will have to start with the removal of the aldermen/women who believe the Democrat way is what is right.
    The gangs and street drug industry will have to be eliminated or so profoundly crippled they ceese to function.
    The CPD and judicial system must be restored so that once a criminal rapist, murder or robber is issued a nice stay in cook county jail.
    Finally the citizens must hold city and state governments accountable for their actions or inactions. Don’t elect the. first black female that stands up there are other minorities that will do a better job than this goon.


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