Waning Hollywood Starlet Goes on Unhinged Climate Change Rant

While appearing on MSNBC’s “The Beat” Friday, far-left waning Hollywood actress Jane Fonda went on a full-blown unhinged rant about climate change. She claimed that racist and misogynistic “mindsets” are creating the so-called “climate crisis.” The move by Fonda is just the latest by celebrities and others attempting to tie issues such as racism and sexism to the climate and it being apparently being exacerbated.

Breitbart reports:

Anchor Ari Melber said, “I mention women’s rights because so much we know came out of some of what you were doing, where you start out at the Vietnam protest, and then it is all of the guys and all of the speakers are guys, and you start to say, wait, there is a lot more change even within the protest movement. You were part of that. What do you think about the progress made and the progress being unwound when you look at the court’s decision in Roe, which we know turned out a lot of voters in the midterms.”

Fonda said, “Yeah, it did. We’ve experienced having the right to control our bodies. That is not going to go away. We’re not going to give that up. So while it is absolutely unconscionable what the Supreme Court did, I believe that we’re going to fight and win to get those rights back. But, you know, as I learn more about climate and as I dig deep as I have for the last four or five years, what you realize is if there were no racism, there would be no climate crisis. If there was no misogyny, there would be to the climate crisis. It is a part of a mindset. It is the mindset that looks at a woman and says, ‘nice tits,’ or she could work in the fields. It is the same mindset as the person who looks at the tree and said floors that could make good flooring. Everything is transactional, and hierarchy and certain things matter more than other things. So what has to happen is we not only have to stop new fossil fuel development, we have to change our mindsets.”

Fonda has been arrested before in Washington, D.C., on multiple occasions while protesting the U.S. Supreme Court on issues such as climate change and abortion.

  1. If women don’t want children keep them crossed and if fonda wants to be taken seriously keep the cannon mouth shut.
    Remember each state has the choice and that depends on the voice of the citizens of that state and not of a US traitor.


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