New Poll May Reveal Who America Wants In 2024 Elections

Trump on top as new poll shows Trump leading all other GOP candidates still. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

new poll reveals who potential 2024 GOP primary voters want in the race. While former President Trump is the only one who has formally announced a run in 2024, it hasn’t stopped the speculation from swirling. And while Trump is in the lead – that might not be the reason to look into this latest survey. Instead, it could be about who else was voted for.

Main Takeaways: In a January 6-8 2023 survey by the Morning Consult, 4,470 Republican primary voters weighed into a series of questions on the 2024 GOP primaries.

  • Former President Trump has remained in the lead for the Republican’s presential nomination contest. He remains in first place with a 46% lead.
  • Voters are still warming up to DeSantis which could be bad for Trump as his ratings seem to drop as DeSantis’s seem to rise.
  • There could be a crowded field of competition if voters get what they want come February 2024.

Morning Consult’s first poll from this study shows a large field of potential rivals for the former president. This list includes Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence two that seem like obvious entries at this point. Though a long list of others follow, including Liz Cheney, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, Kristi Noem, Glenn Youngkin, and a choice of ‘someone else.’

Results: In this survey, Donald Trump received a 46% support rate over the other 11 options. Following Trump, Ron DeSantis received 33% of the voter’s support ranking as the second highest potential candidate. Trump and DeSantis are followed by Mike Pence though he has a significant decrease of support with only 9% of voters supporting him and the other 8 candidates have a variety of 3%, 2% 1%, and 0% of support.

  1. TRUMP and DeSantis need to find some common ground. TEAM UP!
    If the Republicans want a sure win, that no amount of cheating and voter fraud can overcome, a TRUMP/ DESANTIS TICKET is a winning ticket

  2. We need to release these innocent prisoners in that nasty DC jail and thoroughly investigate the real Jan 6 uprising with all of the video which shows many inconsistencies Investigate the policeman that shot Ashli Babbit We stand with Pres Trump

  3. Cannot understand why people like Pence and Cheney would even throw their hats in the ring when faced with President Trump and Governor DeSantis! What a team they would be! Please get over your little differences and team up. It would be impossible to beat you, stupid to try and definitely wouldn’t matter who tried to commit fraud in 2024.


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