Obese Celebrity Celebrates Her Own Obesity

Today on your Hollywood minute Amanda discusses Lizzo and Obesity. While we know obesity is bad for your health, there is even evidence stating that obesity can lead to early death, increased health issues, depression, and other severe issues – Hollywood has taken a new angle on obesity. One star, in particular, is in fact celebrating her own obesity. Lizzo, who is a big supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, has shared a bikini picture stating her own body was a “work of art.” This is not healthy, it is not okay … obesity kills. It leads to diabetes, heart issues, and many other issues. Take care of yourself – the best you can – for your future and quit following crazy Hollywood trends.

    1. Yeah, known as “low self-esteem”. Could she be hiding that by overeating? It will cause one to do that.

  1. Well, I look at it this way. There are waay too many people in this world with their own viewpoints on how to live. Lizzo prefers to be obese. Pure and Simple. She prefers to haul around at least 100 or more extra pounds of fat on her body. I think it’s a matter of today’s women’s mantra of “my body, my choice”. She wants to be accepted for being obese, and that’s not gonna happen in the real world. The real world is not Hollywood, even though she thinks it is. She’s a “heart attack waiting to happen”, because that’s what’s gonna happen sooner or later, if she does not get rid of all that fat on her body, especially around the midsection, pressing and flattening the Aorta, the major artery that delivers blood to the rest of the body. The stress and strain on her heart right now is unimaginable, because the heart muscle is what is keeping her body barely going. I don’t feel sorry for her. It’s her choice to be fat. Do the math. For every pound one is obese, multiply that times FOUR, and that’s the stress and strain put on her knees. How does she walk without pain? Knee replacement on both knees, maybe? Just sayin’. This is just a comment under the “comment” section. If they didn’t want comments, they wouldn’t offer it to begin with. IMHO.

  2. She will not wake up to what she’s doing to her body, until that first heart attack. Does she have Diabetes symptoms? Even if she is, is she paying attention to them? Probably not. Put carrying over 100 pounds of fat on her body, possible Diabetes, and being a “walking heart attack waiting to happen” together, and the outcome definitely does NOT look good.


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