BREAKING: McCarthy CONFIRMS News About Schiff, Swalwell, And Omar

News broke on Twitter that allegedly, Bryon Donalds admitted (D-CA) Rep. Adam Schiff, and (D-MN) Rep. Ilhan Omar, along with (D-CA) Rep. Eric Swalwell will be losing their seats on committees. News of this was confirmed when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirmed he will be blocking the three Representatives.

In November, McCarthy told Fox News that he vowed to remove Swalwell, Schiff, and Omar from House committees. Today, he confirmed that he lived up to his promises.

Why Eric Swalwell was removed from House committee positions:

When speaking about Swalwell, McCarthy said, “Swalwell can’t get a security clearance in the private sector. I’m not going to give him a government security clearance,”

It comes as so surprise that Swalwell immediately took to Twitter to complain about the situation:

However, it’s likely that vengeance played no role in this decision whatsoever. Swalwell is someone who’s proven to not be trustworthy with sensitive information, as he is alleged to have slept with a Chinese spy who was serving for him as a campaign staffer. Even years removed from the accusations, Swalwell refused to answer whether or not he had intimate relations with “Fang Fang,” despite being a married man.

Fang Fang was in the west coast area political scene from 2011 to 2015, and is alleged to have slept with at least two Midwest Mayors as part of a yearslong Chinese intelligence campaign. During this time, she worked with Swalwell as well, and Swalwell has not been clear whatsoever about the alleged interaction between him and the Chinese spy.

Why Adam Schiff was removed from House committee positions:

When discussing Adam Schiff, McCarthy said, “Schiff has lied too many times to the American public. He should not be on Intel.”

Adam Schiff has frequently attempted to pass the Steele dossier as true, and just this week another Twitter Files release showed that Schiff’s office attempted to get a whistleblowing journalist thrown off of Twitter. Schiff has stated that he ‘doesn’t regret’ pushing the Steele dossier, and has not commented on the recent news showing his office attempted to convince tech giants to remove a journalist for posting accurate news.

Why Ilhan Omar was removed from House committee positions:

Ilhan Omar was removed from House committee seats due to her stance on Israel and the inflammatory comments she’s made. Critics from both sides called Omar’s comments on the cusp of antisemitic due to her use of tropes.


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