Breaking: White House Top Economic Aide Suddenly Resigns

Amid the United States’ poor economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic through Biden’s Presidency, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese has resigned from his role in the White House.

In a statement about Deese’s sudden resignation, Biden said:

“Brian has a unique ability to translate complex policy challenges into concrete actions that improve the lives of American people. He has helped steer my economic vision into reality, and managed the transition of our historic economic recovery to steady and stable growth,” adding, “I am grateful to his wife Kara and his children Adeline and Clark for letting us borrow Brian. I know well what it must have been like to say goodbye to him for the regular long commute to Washington, and I know they’re excited to welcome him home,”

Currently, there are no details on who is likely to fill Deese’s role as White House National Economic Council Director.

During his time serving in the White House, Deese is credited largely for spearheading Biden’s astronomical spending of trillions of dollars throughout his Presidency, including the Build Back Better plan. While these bills are controversial, and many on the right believe this large spending hurt the economic recovery of the United States, Biden is expected to run on the alleged benefits that resulted from legislation such as the Build Back Better plan.

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