Trump: Want World War 3? Vote For The Other Guy

President Donald J. Trump rallies supporters in Montoursville, PA -- May 27, 2019. Photo: Michael Malarkey.

In a pitch for his 2024 presidential bid, former President Trump has settled on a very foreign policy idea. No wars. He is the first president in two generations to not start a war. He is “the peace president.” Now he has ideas to fix everything Biden has messed up.

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According to Politico,

Over the past week, Trump has assailed President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. He has said he could end the almost year-long conflict in Ukraine within “24 hours,” … and suggested sending tanks to the country could spark nuclear war. He has railed against China and called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “globalist.”

Those close to Trump’s campaign operation say he plans to try and paint himself as an anti-war dove amongst the hawks. They believe doing so will resonate with GOP voters who are divided on, but growing wary of, continued support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.

“Trump is the only person who has said no more funding for the Ukraine war. I haven’t heard Nikki Haley say anything like that… Pompeo or Pence? Where do they stand on Ukraine?”

In fact, Haley, Pence and Pompeo have all, to varying degrees, called for the U.S. to fund Ukrainians and even, on occasion, criticized the Biden administration for not doing enough.

While Trump is set to focus more on international affairs as more are set to join the Republican primary, especially the likes of a former UN ambassador and a former Secretary of State, these issues are also vastly important to the country and the citizens at this time.

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Trump has plans, and maybe – especially as the first president in two generations to not start a war but instead negotiate as a businessman – the GOP should take him seriously.

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