Breaking: China Weighs In On Ohio ‘Toxic Mushroom Cloud’ And Nord Stream Attack

A spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, commented on President Biden’s handling of the situation in East Palestine, Ohio, and made remarks that the Biden administration is attempting to look elsewhere in the world for conflicts and people to blame, meanwhile they ignore the situations going on within their own country.

“Speaking of ‘deflecting,’ can the U.S. tell us why it is able to see the ‘balloon’ 18,000 meters above the ground, but seems to have been blind to the toxic mushroom cloud of vinyl chloride over Ohio?”

Pete Buttigieg Finally Comments On Ohio Train Derailment: Blames Trump

Due to the explosion, hydrogen chloride and phosgene were released into the air. These gases are toxic enough to humans and they were used as a primitive form of gas-based warfare in World War 1, as these compounds are more simple that than later-staged weapons.

According to KU Medical Center:

Phosgene was much more effective and more deadly than chlorine, though one drawback was that the symptoms could sometimes take up to 48 hours to be manifest. The minimal immediate effects are lachrymatory. However, subsequently, it causes a build-up of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema), leading to death. It is estimated that as many as 85% of the 91,000 gas deaths in WWI were a result of phosgene or the related agent, diphosgene (trichloromethane chloroformate).”

Simply, “mustard gas” is notorious for being utilized throughout World War 1, however, mustard gas only had a mortality of 2%-3%. However, Phosgene, the same chemical that was dispersed throughout Ohio during this poorly executed train explosion, is a chemical that has been attributed to roughly 85% of the 91,000 gas deaths in WWI

Following the explosion from the train, which released extremely toxic vinyl chloride into the air, the EPA said in a statement:

“U.S. EPA continues to conduct air monitoring throughout the East Palestine community,”

“Air monitoring since the fire went out has not detected any levels of concern in the community that can be attributed to the incident at this time.”

According to CNN, as well as multiple other outlets, many different symptoms and environmental issues have already occurred or can be expected moving forward:

  • Roughly 3,500 fish ranging across 12 species died from the water contamination washing down streams and rivers
  • Known carcinogens were released into the air from vinyl chloride
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Nose and eye irritation
  • Reports of small pets or small farm animals dying after breathing in the air.

It should be noted that at this point, despite thousands of fish having died in the water due to the toxins in the chemicals, health officials are claiming that the water is safe to drink. However, many residents are skeptical of these claims., as other officials are pushing for bottled water during this time. In the end, this results in more mixed reporting for Ohio residents.

According to News Nation Now:

“Since the evacuation order was lifted, a growing number of people have reported a burning sensation in their eyes, headaches and strong chemical smells.

Even worse, some media outlets were acknowledging a known carcinogenic chemical in freshwater that killed thousands of fish – then, opted to report that despite the water being toxic enough to kill thousands of fish, somehow, the “drinking water has remained protected.”

A sensational report by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, confirms that Joe Biden and the United States is responsible for the bombing attack against the underwater Nord Stream pipelines which supplied Russian gas to Europe. The top secret mission was ordered by Joe Biden in September of 2022 and consisted of U.S. Navy divers planting C4 explosives on three Nord Stream pipelines.

The spokesperson, Wang, also commented on Biden’s handling of the Nord Stream explosion, saying:

“Why was it vocal about investigations and accountability immediately after the Nord Stream blast, and yet unusually silent in the wake of the latest investigative report written by a US journalist?”

Bombshell Report: Biden Ordered Secret Explosion Against Russia

The explosives were placed by the divers in June 2022 and ordered to be detonated on September 26 2022 in an attack that had stumped investigators. The attack was carried out in response to Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine and was designed to force Germany and other European nations to end their reliance on Russian gas. The attack also stopped the Russians from bringing in more money that would have gone toward their war efforts.

According to the report,  the U.S. military used a sonar buoy that broadcasted a signal that triggered the bombs. The divers who carried out the attack were trained at the U.S. Navy Diving and Salvage Center in Florida and they used a series of military exercises carried out in the Baltic Sea by NATO at the time as cover for the operation. Russia immediately blamed the U.S. for the attack and believes repairs will cost at least $500 million, but the Kremlin still hasn’t confirmed the pipes will be fixed.

In February, Biden said the U.S. would ‘bring an end’ to Nord Stream if Russia invaded Ukraine. During a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Biden said: ‘If Russia invades… then there will be longer Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.’

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