Trump Impeachment Witness, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Accused of Profiting from War in Ukraine

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the first impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, has been accused of trying to profit from the war in Ukraine.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn accused Vindman of being an “opportunist” and pitching lucrative defense contracts through his private company. According to Human Events, Vindman’s company, Trident International LLC, pitched a $12 million project to develop a center within Ukraine that would operate as a middle-man between NATO and the Ukrainian military to address the country’s problems with managing the readiness, repair, and maintenance of its weapons systems. It’s unclear if the project has been approved as there is an ongoing dispute over payments related to it.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Sen. Blackburn said:

“When conservatives speak the truth, the mainstream media panics and desperately attempts to provide cover for the left. They did this for Alexander Vindman, just like they did for Hunter Biden, Dr. Fauci and teachers unions.”

“Alexander Vindman has always been a political activist and opportunist masquerading behind his career. He saw an opening for personal fame and profited by exploiting the media’s outrage against President Trump,”

“Vindman has spent the last three years on MSNBC and CNN attacking Republicans. Now, new revelations suggest Vindman could be profiting off the war in Ukraine, just as he did by speaking out against the Trump administration.”

In response to Blackburn’s accusations, Vindman criticized her for lying and contributing to him ultimately leaving the military. He accused her of being an agent of chaos promoting disinformation and of contributing to the politicization of Ukraine by the fringe right, which brought about the war that imperiled Ukraine, Europe, and the United States. Vindman also allegedly confirmed Human Events’ report in a now-deleted tweet, stating that he was trying to get logistics in place to help Ukraine win the war and secure America.

Vindman testified against Trump during the first impeachment proceedings, citing a quid pro quo arrangement wherein Trump allegedly pressed Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to launch investigations into the Biden family’s actions and business dealings in Ukraine in exchange for millions in U.S. military aid to Ukraine. Blackburn was one of Vindman’s staunchest critics during the impeachment investigation, accusing him of profiting from his attacks against the Trump administration and his reported dealings in Ukraine.

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  3. This fool is a Trump hater, a crook and a BS artist. Why anyone in their right mind would believe him is another fool.

  4. As a retired senior Army officer, I still can’t figure out how Vindman achieved his rank. He’s a real POS.


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