BREAKING: Trump LOSES Major Court Battle

Trump as he holds an event. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

BREAKING: Defamation Lawsuit Verdict

  • Former President Donald Trump has been found liable for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll.
  • This decision comes after Carroll accused Trump of raping her in previous decades.
  • The jury is set to determine the amount Trump owes Carroll in monetary damages.

Previous Lawsuit & Additional Damages

  • E. Jean Carroll secured $5 million in damages from Trump in an earlier lawsuit; $2 million for sexual abuse and $3 million for defamation.
  • Following a CNN interview where Trump insulted Carroll post her victory, she seeks additional damages.
  • Trump’s defense is set to contest the new claims, seeing them as interruptions to ongoing legal matters.
  • Carroll’s recent legal move aims to update her 2019 defamation lawsuit, incorporating the recent decisions and Trump’s latest CNN comments.

Trump’s CNN Response

  • During a CNN town hall, Trump denied Carroll’s rape allegations, emphasizing his non-liability.
  • Trump raised doubts about Carroll’s narrative, particularly the incident in the department store, and made reference to Carroll adjusting her story about unlocked doors.
  • Trump stressed he would never partake in improper actions, discrediting the idea of engaging in an intimate situation in a store with a stranger.

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  2. I believe Trump, not some strumpet trying to extort money out of him. Does anybody seriously believe Trump was EVER inside a department store after he made his fortune?

    1. The judge needs to be disbarred. Only in New York. No one has any sense there. If anything had to be awarded, maybe one red penny and each party pays their own legal costs.

  3. We are talking here about some VERY STRANGE “legal” views:
    A Defendant is NOT PROVEN to have raped a woman
    – in the most unlikely scenario of a department store with staff and customers present;
    – without any evidence nor witnesses of the “event”
    – without the “victim” being able to name the date and time of the “crime”;
    BUT IN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS (where a flimsiest likelihood – and a hostile jury can find what they are told to):
    The same Respondent is sentenced to pay millions in “compensation”
    – for claiming that the Plaintiff had no case against him – and therefore:
    – was either committing PERJURY, or
    – being not compos mentis.
    i.e. “in case of doubt, IN FAVOUR OF THE ACCUSED!”
    This principle is so old, that it was set firmly in the first Code of Law we knew of: Hamurapi’s of 1800 BC.
    That King of Sumeria (now Iraq) even made it Law that: “An Accuser who cannot prove gets the same penalty!”

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  6. Let me see if I got this right. In the criminal case, Trump was found not guilty of raping this woman. But then in a civil case he is found guilty of rape. Does that even make sense? If he was found not guilty of rape in the criminal case but the plaintiff claims she was raped, then doesn’t that imply she committed perjury? And then there’s no penalty for that? There is no common sense nor justice in this country.

  7. What kind of trial can this be when she can not describe time, no witness back then, and even can’t even get evidence correct. Has she been tested for dementia? Who set her up for this? Why wait until now to press charges? How can a corrupt court even get by with this? I remember Roy Moore and the dirty tricks the Democrats did to him. Why is it always sex and they get by with it? Aren’t they the ones that were always on the plan with Epstein and some Democrat Senators guilty also. I can’t understand all these trials and does the defense ever get to questions these people or does she even take the stand so she isn’t charged with perjury? Sick, sick, women that want to get rich quickly and destroy other peoples lives!!!! Where did the anti-Trump judges and DA come from and why are they even allowed to practice law when they are so corrupt? I forgot they are the ones that let criminals loose to destroy people lives in NY and it an honest citizen tries to protect citizens then he is destroyed for protecting citizens.


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