3) Sen. Elizabeth Warren

  • 2019-08-05
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3) Sen. Elizabeth Warren
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Elizabeth Warren

Age: 70
Nickname: “Pocahontas,” “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” “The Indian”
State: Massachusetts
Highest Office: US Senator

Known For:  Warren has been a far-left political activist who has promoted socialist policies for years and a Senator since 2013. Her positions on economic issues have been so extreme (such as calling for Universal Healthcare) that even other Democrats have denounced her. 

She also has claimed time and again that she is an American Indian in order to score cheap political points. A claim which has been repeatedly mocked by President Donald Trump. Warren eventually took a 23 and Me genetic test which revealed that her level of Native American DNA was so small as to be statistically meaningless, thus proving President Trump right.

Why She’ll Lose To Trump: Warren’s dangerous Socialism isn’t popular outside of the bubble of her far-left supporters. Supporters who very well may help her win the Democrat nomination. Still, in a general election, her brand of know-it-all school teacher Socialism has no chance against Trump’s “America First” Patriotism.

Bottom Line: Unlike in the Disney movie, there will be no happy ending for the Democrat party’s Indian Princess.
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 Source: TTN

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