5) Sen. Cory Booker

  • 2019-08-05
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
5) Sen. Cory Booker
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Cory Booker

Age: 50
Nickname: “The Horrible Mayor”
State: New Jersey
Highest Office: Senator 

Known For: Booker is primarily known for being the mayor of the failing city of Newark, New Jersey as well as being a vegan because he is reportedly concerned about animal cruelty. 

He also has staked out radical left-wing positions on many issues and is fond of calling his political opponents, in particular, President Trump, racists at every opportunity. 

Why He’ll Lose To Trump: The reality is that, although he is a capable public speaker, he simply lacks the kind of true charisma President Trump has. In addition, his record as mayor is dismal, and his city is riddled with both crime and drugs.

Lastly, there is undeniably something ‘off’ about Booker, which has been evident to most observers since the beginning and will certainly be detected by voters.

Bottom Line: If accusing people of racism actually made people’s lives better Newark, NJ would be heaven on earth. But it doesn’t, and until that changes Cory Booker has absolutely no chance of beating Donald Trump.
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 Source: TTN

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